FASHION DESIGN - Ed/programs/ DESIGN Learn to design ... Learn the principles of sketching and fashion terminology. ... “Fashion”. Learn how to understand and prepare all the details ...

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FASHION DESIGN Learn to design clothes and develop an eye for fashion detail. Use your imagination and ingenuity to create your own designs. In these hands-on courses, you will learn the basic principles and small details of drawing fashion figures that will enable you to design an entire wardrobe, custom fit just for you! All courses will be offered each semester. After completing these courses you will receive a Certificate of Completion in Fashion Design. A knowledge of sewing is helpful. Fashion Design information sessions are held each spring and fall. For more information, or to register for courses, please call Ria Bloss at 201-447-7466, or email CD 451 Draping 10 sessions; $360 Learn the fundamentals, principles and techniques of draping. Learn how to drape muslin on a mannequin, and then use it to create a pattern, which will lead to your own design. Learn to design your own wardrobe. All are welcome. Instructor: Adua Celentano CD 450 Pattern Making 10 sessions; $360 Learn the principles of pattern making and using professional drafting methods. Next, learn the construction of samples in muslin and fashion garments. At last, create your own design, which will lead to a completed garment. Instructor: Adua Celentano CD 452 Sketching 10 sessions; $360 Learn the principles of sketching and fashion terminology. In addition, learn the illustrations of fashion details and the drawing of fashion figures and apparel as well as flat and technical sketching techniques. Finally, you will learn how to sketch clothing and create your own design. Instructor: Adua Celentano CD 593 Designing Modern Childrens Wear 10 sessions; $360 This course will introduce fashion ideas for the younger generation and will include Pattern making and construction for childrens wear. Students will learn how to develop a pattern on paper and transfer that pattern onto fabric. You will learn specific sewing techniques to sew your final product. Instructor: Adua Celentano CE 895 Accessories 10 sessions; $360 Learn how to coordinate fabrics with accessories, using color, texture and embellishments. You will learn how to make patterns and sew beautiful hats, gloves, belts, scarves, umbrellas, and much more to compliment every outfit. Instructor: Adua Celentano CD 592 Sewing Essentials & Techniques 10 Sessions; $300 Are you on pins and needles about sewing, but you would like to give it a try? This course is for those who want to learn how to sew, with little or no prior experience or who already knows how to sew and wants to improve their skills. In this class we will conquer your fear of threading your machine. You will learn the basics of sewing, including how to read commercial sewing patterns. Basic alterations, such as hemming your pants, and fixing your clothing will also be covered. Instructor: Angela Conforti CD 594 Textile Science and Color Specification 4 sessions; $99 Essential to fashion is "What am I?" Learn the science of textiles...weave, weight, texture and finish. Hone in on your skill of pattern mixing and see what can and can't be done. This course will also describe key elements in DENIM, the most commonly used fabric in today's design World. A focus will be in teaching you how to identify a knit from a woven, a poplin weave from a twill, gram weights and finishes. Special attention will be made on why fabrics are selected for certain uses while some are not. Learn about color as you walk into the world of Pantone color Training you in the knowledge of today's world and the necessity to match colors around the globe. As the industry needs to cross reference colors to each other, from apparel to hand bags and shoes, see who makes the decisions. You will leave this class knowing how it is done in the World of Fashion. Instructor: Gerie Mulhern CD 595 The World of Fashion 4 sessions; $99 This course is for the student who wants to design, sell, merchandise or buy anything in Fashion. Learn how to understand and prepare all the details necessary in a garment from the cut, to the make, to the trim. We will learn about (Country of Origins) so you can see for yourself where you get the best value for your money. From the time the fabric is cut till it leaves in your shopping bag at the store, there are many factors that cost money. Attention will be paid to computing a gross margin and fine tuning a mark-up. Actual current industry documents will be handed out to show necessary information in product development. Students will learn how to read a pitch sheet and submit a screen print for production. Two of the sessions will be field trips to Fashion Houses in New Jersey and the New York Garment Industry top showroom. Transportation is not provided. Instructor: Gerie Mulhern CD 113 The History of Fashion 6 sessions; $150 Take a visual journey of the most influential people in Fashion. Think about plays in the theatre and movies that showed an era that had that special attire that flourished in that time period and how it evolved, movies such as My Fair Lady and TV shows such as Mad Men. Discover how Kings, Queens, Presidents and First Ladies were outfitted by their designers. Each session will highlight a different Fashion icon, and how they got started. This class will include: Valentino, Karl Lagerfeld, Michael Kors, Coco Channel, Anne Klein, Halston, Givenchy, Elsa Schiaparelli, Perry Ellis, Ralph Lauren, Christian Dior, Liz Claiborne. Learn how they got their start and stayed on top. Instructor: Gerie Mulhearn CD 111 The Role of the Fashion Designer 6 sessions; $150 Location: TBA Discover what a Fashion Designer really does. Learn about the process of design, from that first inspiration to your target customer. Learn how creative ideas turn into actual garments and clothing sketches turn into patterns and how multiple sizes are planned and executed. How to get your garment to market, including selling, PR, and networking. How to get your product to the little known stores in New York City Garment District that are a treasure trove of inspiration for designers around the world. Turning the corner on the boutique business, learn that volume is still the rule as finance and bigger production lots now lead the industry. A focus on how to be unique and still be for everyone will be a platform for this class. Instructor: Gerie Mulhearn CD 127 Introduction to Wholesale Selling 10 sessions; $250 This course will outline what wholesale selling is all about, as well as furnish you with an understanding of the Garment Center and the jobs related to the Fashion Industry. The Garment Center is an ever-changing industry, comprised of manufacturers who sell products into every possible retail outlet, which we will explore. In these 10 sessions, you will learn analysis, oral and written skills to develop a selling plan and how to execute your skills. Instructor: Clifford Lessing 1 1/2 hrs. per class Sales: General Background of the Wholesale Selling Industry a Difference between wholesale and retail selling b Who to sell / Why do buyer buy? Why they don't buy! c Creating a need and selling yourself Sales: What Makes a good Sales Presentation and who is it geared too a Who is the target customer and why? b We will select a product line to be sold to a determined target customer and develop a plan to accomplish goals


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