Fashion and Style of the 1950’s

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Fashion and Style of the 1950s. Work Cited. Cassandra Steinke Pd. 2. Hair Styles. Girls Soft & Curly Long & straight Ponytail circled in a scarf Cut called the poodle cut. Bad Boys Always had a comb on them Greased back Cut called the ducktail or DA Mama Boys Crew Cut. Shoes. Boys - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Fashion and Style of the 1950s

Cassandra Steinke Pd. 2Work Cited

ShoesBoys(penny) LoafersLook respectableHigh Top Tennis For comfort and to be in styleBiker BootsHelp give that bad boy image

GirlsSaddle shoesBlack and whiteStiff and heavySpike or Stiletto heelsTo complete a sexy outfitBallet type slipperFor that sweet and innocent look


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Girl FashionSkirtsPoodlePencil (every girl at least had 1)Jeans rolled at the cuffsDressesSummery afternoon floralSwing skirt with topAccessoriesAlways wore a girdleHeels and gloves were used for that lady like look

Guy FashionBad BoysLeather JacketsCollar must be turned up called hepT-shirtJeansMama BoyLetter SweaterShirt PatternsBothWear narrow pants

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