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  1. 1. A TRIBUTE TOTHE GOD OF CRICKET 16th November 2013
  2. 2. A TRIBUTE TOTHE GOD OF CRICKET RULES Total of 20 Questions. Teams of 2 people each, from the same house. Google/Bing/whatever should not be one of them. Regarding any disputes, the discretion of the Quizmaster is final.
  3. 3. A TRIBUTE TOTHE GOD OF CRICKET The person in the pic (left) X, pipped Tendulkar to be awarded Mumbai's Junior Cricketer of the Year in 1986-87, which a famous letter from Gavaskar to SRT (referring to himself) which read: Dont be disappointed at not getting the Best Junior Cricketer award from BCA. If you look at the past award winners, you will find one name missing and that person has not done badly in Test cricket!! Identify the cricketer X.1. The one whos better than SRT!
  4. 4. A TRIBUTE TOTHE GOD OF CRICKET The Brabourne Stadium, owned by the Cricket Club of India (CCI), is located a few hundred metres south of the centre of action, the Wankhede, and is India's first permanent sporting venue. To celebrate the golden jubilee of the CCI in 1988, an exhibition match was played where Roger Binny and Mohammed Azharuddin played for a CCI XI, while Pakistan was led by Imran Khan and had players like Wasim Akram, Rameez Raja, Mudassar Nazar, etc. What is the notable significance of this match?2. It all started here!
  5. 5. A TRIBUTE TOTHE GOD OF CRICKET Which cricketer, whose birthday incidentally falls today, shares a unique connection with Salil Ankola, Shahid Saeed and SRT?3. The Beginning
  6. 6. A TRIBUTE TOTHE GOD OF CRICKET On 16 December 1989, the first ODI between India and Pakistan at Peshawar was abandoned without a ball being bowled. An exhibition match of 20 overs per side was played to please the public. At that stage there was no plan to play SRT in the one-day tournament at all. After witnessing the carnage which SRT meted out to Abdul Qadir, with three successive 6s en route to his 53 off 18, X said, referring to the one-day tournament, "The little bugger must play now." Id X.4. Early Signs
  7. 7. A TRIBUTE TOTHE GOD OF CRICKET In a humdinger on Mar 6th 1990 between India and NZ at Wellington, the 17-year old Sachin Tendulkar scored 36 as India were shot out for 221, and ended up winning by 1 run. Sachin tore his calf in the meantime and had to be carried off the field. Who is the person in the pic carrying SRT?5. Painful Moments
  8. 8. A TRIBUTE TOTHE GOD OF CRICKET The picture marked a historic occasion in the history of English County cricket, when a 70-odd-year tradition was broken when Sachin Tendulkar became the first cricketer to achieve a particular feat. What was the occasion, and who was originally slated to achieve the feat?6. One for the History Books!
  9. 9. A TRIBUTE TOTHE GOD OF CRICKET During the 19911992 tour of Australia before the 1992 Cricket World Cup, SRT announced his claim for greatness with an unbeaten 148 in the third Test Sydney and 114 on a fast, bouncing pitch in the final Test at Perth against a world-class pace attack. This little prick's going to get more runs than you, AB. - Who famously commented these words, to whom?7. Thorn in the Flesh
  10. 10. A TRIBUTE TOTHE GOD OF CRICKET In the 1992 Durban test between India and South Africa, SRT created history by becoming the first cricketer to be ruled out by the third umpire. Who was the third umpire? Video: First ever incident of third umpire referral in cricket8. The Third Eye
  11. 11. A TRIBUTE TOTHE GOD OF CRICKET This was the first ever trophy which SRT managed to win as captain after defeating Pakistan 4-1 at Toronto on September 21st, 1997. What did he do to fondly remember this?9. First taste of success
  12. 12. A TRIBUTE TOTHE GOD OF CRICKET On the day of Christmas in 1997, Hrishikesh Kanitkar had to endure an eventful ODI debut as the match between India and Sri Lanka, at Nehru Stadium, Indore found its place dubiously in the record books as the first ever incident of its kind. A local lawyer even demanded that the captains Arjuna Ranatunga & Sachin Tendulkar, and the match referee Ahmed Ibrahim be arrested. What was the fuss all about?10. The Fiasco
  13. 13. A TRIBUTE TOTHE GOD OF CRICKET What is the name of this trophy, and who played for this?11. God and Spiritualism
  14. 14. A TRIBUTE TOTHE GOD OF CRICKET Who was the umpire in this infamous dismissal? Video: Shoulder Before Wicket dismissal of Sachin against McGrath12. The Shocker
  15. 15. A TRIBUTE TOTHE GOD OF CRICKET In the test match between India and South Africa in Port Elizabeth on 16-20 November 2001, India, chasing a target of 395 runs managed to draw the match by scoring 206 for the loss of three wickets. The match was later stripped of its test status because of the ball tampering controversy surrounding SRT. Who was the match referee who was the cynosure of all eyes?13. Controversy monger
  16. 16. A TRIBUTE TOTHE GOD OF CRICKET In which bollywood movie did Sachin make a cameo appearance?14. Bollywood Connection
  17. 17. A TRIBUTE TOTHE GOD OF CRICKET "Mirror, mirror on the wall should I retire?" The answer would be; "Yes. Whose quote after the 2007 Cricket World Cup given above raised a huge furore, after which SRTs form underwent a complete renaissance?15. The Nay-sayer
  18. 18. A TRIBUTE TOTHE GOD OF CRICKET ____ n the first thing I'd like to do is wish my colleagues the best in the windies, Whats the significance of this statement?16. Trendy Tendy
  19. 19. A TRIBUTE TOTHE GOD OF CRICKET The Australians may be bitter rivals of Sachin but they have a special place in their heart for the Master Blaster. X once wrote on an Aussie T-shirt which he autographed specially for Sachin: To Sachin, the man we all want to be. Id X.17. Respect
  20. 20. A TRIBUTE TOTHE GOD OF CRICKET "Till the last year, I was raring to go [in domestic cricket]. I served Mumbai for long, but the selectors ignored me. I'm disappointed," Kambli said. "I wanted to play alongside Sachin for one last time, wanted to play in IPL but unfortunately that did not happen. Which distraught former India batsman when announcing his retirement from first-class cricket in 2011, was quoted as saying this?18. Cry-Baby
  21. 21. A TRIBUTE TOTHE GOD OF CRICKET Connect and complete the list: Hansie Cronje (South Africa), Ujesh Ranchod (Zimbabwe), Ruwan Kalpage (Sri Lanka), Mark Ealham (England), Neil Johnson (Zimbabwe), Jacob Oram (New Zealand), Monty Panesar (England), Cameron White (Australia), Peter Siddle (Australia), Peter George (Australia) ____________19. Sachins XI
  22. 22. A TRIBUTE TOTHE GOD OF CRICKET Who is this person, and why is he trending now?20. And thats how its set to end!