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FAR EAST UNIVERSITY Global Leadership Development Program


FAR EAST UNIVERSITYEumsung, Chungbuk 369-700, Korea Application form for Global Leadership Development Program

Check for One: Fellowship, Teaching Assistant, Tutorship, Participant January 4 - February 12, 2011 or June 19 August 13, 2011

Application FormRegistration No.____________

Date of Application Name of Applicant:


First Name

Middle Name

Sex: Male Date of Birth: Female

Current Address:

Telephone Contact Number Mobile: E-mail Address: Telephone:

Country of Citizenship:

Name of University/College Currently Attending or Planning to Attend:

Location of the University:

Academic Major Major: Class Standing/Year of Study: Minor:

Grade Point Average:

Name, Location and year of High School Graduate:

Excellent Health Condition:Physical and other Health problem, please describe


Mother Tongue:

Names of Parents Mother: Number: Parents Contact Telephone Numbers E-mail: * Two references: Names and Contact Telephone Numbers and E-mail addresses, (Please request your referees to write recommendation letters directly to : yunkim@feu.ac.kr) Father:

Qualifications Required: 1) College/University undergraduate or graduate students in good standing 2) High GPA. 3.0 out of 4.0 or higher 3) Good Moral character 4) Interested in learning and working with peoples of different background 5) Aspiring to be a Global Leader

Fellowship Details: 1) Roundtrip airfare from the airport nearest to your residence to Inchon, Korea (economy class) 2) Full Room and board (three meals per day) during the GLDP of eight weeks 3) Free tuition and GLDP activity participation costs including cultural and education tours as well as enrichment seminars 4) Fixed amount of stipend for Teaching Fellows (Korean Won 500,000 per week), Teaching Assistants(Korean Won 250,000 per week) and Tutors (Koran Won 200,000 per week)

I certify that all information presented above is true and correct.

Signature______________________________ Date of Application_______________________________ Please forward the completed application forms with supporting materials to: katechoi@feu.ac.kr or sharonlee@feu.ac.kr


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