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1. Famous Diamonds of Famous PeopleYou dont have to be a princess or a celebrity to have brilliant round diamond engagement rings andposh, expensive weddings, although it may help. Many classic Hollywood stars have made pieces ofjewelry more famous than the person who was wearing them.Whether it is a glamorous star from the past or a starlet of today, celebrity jewelry is fabulous and exciting.From the romance and glamour of classic Hollywood to the stars of here and now, their exquisite jewelsand interesting stories intrigue us to learn more.Elizabeth Taylor is only one of the numerous famous women who come to mind when you think offamous Hollywood people who make jewelry famous. Not only was her love of diamonds a borderlineobsession, her collection was beyond impressive.During her lifetime she had collected a little bit of everything from diamond earrings and diamondpendants to elaborate loose diamonds worth millions of dollars. Some of her outstanding collectionincluded a 33-carat Krupp Diamond, an antique diamond tiara and the famous Taj Mahal yellow diamond.She also had several large carat diamond rings such as the 69-carat Taylor-Burton emerald diamond, a29-carat diamond ring, the Duchess of Windsor diamond broach as well as the Grand Duchess of Russiaemerald diamonds.From the romantic movie, The Titanic, is another famous piece of jewelry. Who will ever forget thestunning necklace worn by Kate Winslett? The Heart of the Ocean necklace, which was originallydesigned by Harry Winston, is the very necklace worn by Gloria Stuart, who played the character Rosetowards the end of the movie. This real life necklace cost $20 million.Jewelry designers Asprey & Garrard were also inspired by the Titanic necklace and created their ownversion around the famous Hope diamond. This romantic 170-carat sapphire diamond pendant wascrafted into the shape of a heart. The entire necklace contains 65 diamonds, each of them being 30carats. If you want to take a look, you can catch a glimpse of Celine Dion wearing it as she sings, MyHeart Will Go On, during the 1998 Oscar ceremonies.Talk about impressive. What else can a girl do with diamonds when she has all the jewelry in the world?She can use them for shoes. Thats right! If you recall the 2002 Oscars, you will remember a certainLaura Elena Herring sporting an exorbitant pair of million dollar shoes. Designed by none other thanStuart Weitzman himself, the million dollar heels featured a stunning 464 diamonds. Of these 464diamonds we two 5-carat pear shaped diamonds with an additional two 1.5-carat diamonds. After the 2. Oscars, the diamonds were removed to create a diamond necklace, diamond earrings and diamondbracelets.The Titanic also produced another exquisite piece of memorabilia. Upon exploration of the sunken ship,divers recovered a copy of the Rubyiat. This particular book of poetry, which was written by none otherthan Omar Khayiam, was discovered encrusted with more than 1,500 precious stones all set in yellowgold. I guess this could be another option for all those loose diamonds you have laying around thehouse!