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  • Very Important People - Project
    MiraCosta College
    Level 6
    Summer 2010
    Marilia Vale
    Elena Gaytan
    Marilyn Alvarez

Famous Artists
William Shakespeare
Garcia Marquez
Antonio Fco. Lisboa
Marilia Vale
Elena Gaytan
Marilyn Alvarez
Gabriel Jose Garcia Marquez
Place of birth : aracata, colombia
Date of birth: march -6 -1928
Date and cause of death
(if no longer living):Gabriel still
Lives in Colombia and Mexico.
One hundred years of solitude
Occupation: Novelist, short-story writer, and
journalist.(magical realism).
Gabriel Jose Garcia Marquez
Main accomplishments: famous novels:
one hundred years of solitude
in 1967.
love in the time of cholera,
in 1985.
nobel prize in literature,
in 1982.
one of the most significantauthors of the 20th century.
Gabriel Jose Garcia Marquez
Other important/ interesting biographical
Information: married with Mercedes borcha in
two children ,with the name Rodrigo
and gonzalo.
Gabriel Jose Garcia Marquez
Why he is admired by people: because he ,
believes in god
and himself.
What i learned, about this person:
If I believe in something it doesnt matter how
Difficult it is. If you want to try, do it.
William Shakespeare
William Shakespeare

  • Shakespeare was born in Stratford-upon-Avon on April 1564.

He died in, Stratford-upon-Avon Warwickshire,England on April 23 1616 at aged 52.