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My sister is getting married July 11, 2014! I made this for her with the intention of using it as a wedding speech, but push came to shove and it made more sense to verbally present my speech than to produce a video. So I will share it with family and friends on Facebook because it's still cute. Congratulations Derek and Jessie Hanks!


<ul><li> 1. Family Forever Jessies Story </li></ul> <p> 2. The Sprinkles Girls Alex Jessie Amy 3. Age 3 Age 6 Age 12 Age 15 4. Daddyandhisgirls 5. Family Amy, Jessie, Alex and Sir (grandpa) Alex, Jessie and Sister (Aunt Jill) Family Reunion (moms side) Alex, Jill, Shianne, Chance, Jessie and Adam 6. Sisters 7. Cousins Cousins Jessie &amp; Shianne 8. Best Friends Forever Jessie and Bria Jessie and Bria Jessie and Jordan Laura, Bria, Jordan and Jessie Jessie and Morgan 9. Jessie was the cheerleader And I was the wrestler 10. SGP Cheer 11. SGP Wrestling 12. Laura &amp; Jessie Jessie &amp; Morgan Jordan &amp; Bria Jessies Sweet 16 13. Jessie Morgan 14. Alex Jessie 15. Jessie Amy Alex 16. Jessie Bria 17. Alex Jessie 18. Laura Jordan Bria Jessie 19. Alex Jessie 20. Daddy, Allie and Jessie 21. High School Graduation 11 Jessie Bria 22. Three generations: Sprinkles, Tompkins, and Bishop 23. Then she met Derek 24. And bought a dress 25. She made a promise 26. With a ring 27. To always be his cheerleader 28. I acquired a brother 29. They planned their lives together 30. Congratulations to Derek and Jessie Hanks! </p>