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1. Welcome San Diego Chiropractic| Chiropractors San Diego| Pregnancy Chiropractor San Diego| Family Chiropractor San Diego| Pediatric Chiropractor San Diego| Chiropractor San Diego CA| About Chiropractic What is chiropractic? As defined by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCAM), chiropractic is a health care profession that focuses on the relationship between the bodys structure (primarily of the spine) and its functioning as controlled by the nervous system. Chiropractors use a variety of methods to treat their patients, but rely primarily on corrective chiropractic adjustments to the patients spine to optimize the flow of energy through the nervous system. Bonus fact: the word chiropractic is derived from the Greek word cheir (hand) and praxis (practice) which describes a treatment literally administered by hand. Chiropractic is built on the concept of hands-on therapy. Visit us at: 2. Testimonials I was in a level 10 of pain in my lower back for over a week. I had gone to my primary doctor to find out what was wrong and they prescribed me pain meds. After a week of being in severe pain and on meds I realized that a chiropractor could help me. I made an appointment with Dr. Joe at Good Vibrations and got an adjustment the same day. Within 24 hours my pain level had gone from terrible pain from a level 10 to a 5. I then went and got adjusted again the next day and my back pain is extremely better. I cant thank him enough. He helped me so much and while the pain meds just numbed the pain, it didnt solve my problem like the adjustment have been. If you are in pain and suffering like I did I would highly recommend calling this practice and making an appointment. - Gina C. 3. I am an avid runner, so when I started getting numbness in my arms and hands I looked for a solution and thought a chiropractor would be a good possibility. I decided to try Good Vibrations because they are walking distance from my house and Im very glad I did. Great doctors, very friendly staff, soothing environment. They got me running again in just a few weeks without any pain at all and Ive even set a PR in the last 1/2 marathon I ran. Much of the joy Ive found in running has returned because I made the decision to visit Good Vibrations. My wife is 6 months pregnant and she too has started to go to ease the muscle and back pain that comes with toting around our next child. She also raves about them to me and all our friends. If youre having back or muscle pain, give these folks a try. -Dave N. 4. It was my first time going to the chiropractor, and at first I wasnt sure about it. But I took a chance at something new, I was tired of doctors prescribing me nothing but pain killers all the time. Its been three months of therapy and I havent used an inhaler for my asthma ever since. My digestive system has been running a lot better and I feel better and take care of myself and my body more. Thank you Good Vibrations! - Alex G. 5. I have been more than blessed to have found Dr Joe and Dr Stacy!!!! Not only have I finally gotten the pain management and alignment maintenance Ive been lacking for many years for my scoliosis, but this place has the most amazing energy, the staff are customer service rock stars, and I feel cared for as well as about. Where else can you get that kind of holistic care? I can tell you right now, not too many other places. I believe in this place so much that my husband and my two daughters come to get adjusted as well, and now my brother is too!!!! I refer anyone and everyone to come here. I love my chiro!!! - Nilsa M 6. I absolutely love this place. Everyone is so friendly and Dr Joe and Dr Steve are awesome. I see Dr Joe 99% of the time and I really look forward to his positive energy each week. They are super kid friendly and very accommodating with my schedule. I am so thankful for them. I would highly recommend coming here. I thought chiropractic care was just about the back but it really is about the whole body. I originally went there because I was having pain in my neck but ended up continuing my care because I found that within a week of going there it cleared up some female issues I was having as well. I love being able to go in there every week and say you know my foot is bothering me and he helps me with that or my wrist is bothering me and he helps me with that and sometimes I am just feeling low and his hug helps me with that. I leave there every single time feeling better than when I walked in. He has helped me accomplish some of my health goals by his support and encouragement. I really cant say enough about this place. -LOVE THEM -H.B 7. Contact Good Vibrations Family Chiropractic Dr Joe and Stacey Merlo, D.C. 4060 Adams Avenue San Diego, CA 92116 Directions Phone: 619.281.1234 Fax: 619.795.6255 Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday by Appointment Only.