Fall 2013 R&L Lesson 6 (Including Midterm review)

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<ol><li> 1. Reading and ListeningLesson 6 Jobs Midterm review </li><li> 2. Homework Remember my list of main points last week? Work in pairs or groups Decide the main points of the Mars One article (choose 6-8) </li><li> 3. My important points 1-4 Mars One is planning a trip to Mars Regular people can apply for the trip Chosen people will work in teams to train Training will take seven years </li><li> 4. My important points 5-8 Robots will scout Mars First trip will be in 2023 Trip will cost billions of dollars Trip is one way (no return trip) </li><li> 5. Listening Page 22 Getting Ready Match the pictures and the jobs Listening 1 Jobs karuta </li><li> 6. Listening Page 23 Listening 2 Task 1 Task 2 </li><li> 7. Transition words review Get into about 5 teams Each team gets one set of transition words </li><li> 8. Transition words review I will put a sentence on the board. Hold up the right answer. Faster teams get more points. Sometimes there is more than one right answer. </li><li> 9. I often travel to other countries. _____, I went to Italy in January. </li><li> 10. I want to go to Africa this summer. ______, I dont know if I can afford it. </li><li> 11. I need to earn money. ______ Im going to get a part time job. </li><li> 12. _____, I need to save enough money for the trip. Then, I can decide where to go. </li><li> 13. I think I want to go on a safari. _____, I want to see they pyramids in Egypt. </li><li> 14. Luckily, I can get a good deal _____ my friend is a travel agent. </li><li> 15. If my mother is available, Ill ask her to travel with me. _____, even if she isnt free, Im still going to go. </li><li> 16. I think travelling is good, because you can improve yourself. ____, Ive really improved my English through travelling. </li><li> 17. Midterm Next week is the midterm test Heres whats on it. </li><li> 18. MidtermTransition WordsYou will have to complete the blanks on sentences like the ones we just practiced. </li><li> 19. MidtermSummary You will have to read a short article (like the ones we had for homework, but shorter) and summarize it. </li><li> 20. MidtermListening Describing people &amp; clothes (Chapter 2 &amp; 3) You will have to listen to descriptions of people and identify their hair color, height, age, and clothes </li><li> 21. MidtermListening Describing people &amp; clothes (Chapter 2 &amp; 3) Know all of the phrases/words on page 6 &amp; 10 Understand page 11 </li><li> 22. MidtermListening Routines (Chapter 4) Hear times and write them Listen for when people do things Listen to a longer explanation and decide which things a person does (page 16) </li><li> 23. MidtermListening Dates (Chapter 5) Change dates from numbers into words (correctly us 1st, 12th, etc.) Hear when people will do things (page 18-19) </li><li> 24. MidtermListening Jobs (Chapter 6) Identify a job based on a description (like we did for karuta) Listen to people describing their jobs and answer questions about them </li><li> 25. MidtermListening Jobs vocabulary from karuta Scientist Soccer player Dentist Veterinarian Journalist Carpenter Lawyer Pharmacist Baker Taxi Driver Gardener Painter Farmer Director Also, learn all of the jobs on page 22 </li><li> 26. Midterm Scores Approximate percentages:Transition words: 10% Summary: 40% Listening: 50%</li></ol>