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Manual de reparación de Plotters Mutoh


MAINTENANCE MANUALEco-Solvent Inkjet Printer

Rockhopper 46/62

Rockhopper: AP-74016, Rev:1.0

IntroductionThis equipment is Class 1 communications equipment (communications equipment to be used in commercial and industrial areas) and conforms to Voluntary Communications Control Institute (VCCI) standards for data processing and other equipment for the prevention of radio wave interference in commercial and industrial areas. Therefore, if it is used in or near a residential area, it may cause interference with radio and television reception. It should be used correctly in accordance with the operation manual. I Concerning interference with reception Since this product emits weak radio waves, if it is not installed and used correctly and is thought to be causing interference with radio and television reception, this may be prevented by trying a combination of the following measures: Try changing the orientation of the receiving antenna and feeder. Try changing the orientation of this product. Change the distance between the receiver and this product. Try using different power supply systems for the receiver and this product. I Trademarks included in this manual MUTOH, Model Name:Rockhopper-46/62, MH-GL, MH-GL/2, MH-RTL are trademarks or trade names of Mutoh Industries Ltd. HP, HP-GL, HP-GL/2, HP-RTL, HP759X, HP758X, C2848 are trademarks or trade names of the Hewlett Packard Company. Centronics and Bitronics are trademarks or trade names of the Centronics Data Computer Company. Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows NT 3.51, Windows NT 4.0, MS-DOS are trademarks or trade names of the Microsoft Corporation Other names of products and companies are the trademarks or trade names of each relevant company.

Model Name: Rockhopper-46/62


This manual contains basic technical details necessary for marketplace servicing to maintain product quality and performance of Model Name:Rockhopper-46/62 printer. Model Name:Rockhopper-46/62 printer is equipped with a self-diagnostic program that will be of service for adjusting and checking whenever a fault is detected or during maintenance. This manual contains all the basic items but actual maintenance work should be undertaken only after a thorough understanding of the functions, operations and movements has been gained from the operation manual and by other means. Please note that there may be occasions where the name of a part used in the explanation in this manual differs from the name of that same part that is used in the operation manual or in the parts list.

CAUTION: The details of this product and the contents of this manual are protected by copyright held by this Company and, except for legitimate use by individuals, unauthorized copying, reproduction or distribution in whole or part is forbidden. Details contained in this manual may be subject to future alteration without notice. Details contained in this manual are believed to be correct but please contact this Company or a dealer if an error is suspected or a point is not clear. In no event will this Company be responsible for the consequences of using this product or this manual.

Published by Mutoh Europe, Archimedesstraat 13, 8400 Oostende Belgium Copyright February 2002, Mutoh Europe All rights reserved.


Model Name:Rockhopper-46/62


Some Thoughts on Maintenance Work1. Algunas ideas sobre el trabajo de Mantencinn La mantencion cae en dos categorias, Full mantencion y mantencion preventiva , both of which are aimed at stable operation of the equipment that has been delivered to the user. Las posibilidades de mantencion deben considerar. In principle, fault maintenance and protective maintenance are both carried out by the one person. Both fault maintenance and protective maintenance involve the bringing of maintenance parts. The cooperation of the user/operator is used effectively.

Model Name:Rockhopper-46/624. The need for user/operator cooperation ! CAUTION: The user cannot be compelled to do the following!


Asking the user/operator to cooperate is not a matter of having the user do the maintenance for you but it is necessary in order to have the equipment working more efficiently and for having faults rectified quickly. Actually, even when you do ask for the users cooperation, instead of a simple acknowledgement you will usually get doubts and quibbles such as Im paying for maintenance, Im not familiar with the equipment and it only benefits the manufacturer. However, you must try to persuade the user/operator to cooperate by explaining that doing daily inspections will give better printing quality and giving you all the fine details of a fault 2. Protective maintenance work La mantencion periodica esta designed to provide the user con mas estabilidad operation of the means that the fault will be rectified quickly. equipment and involves the periodic cleaning and replacement of replacement parts. Basic The following explains the items you need in order to understand fault conditions in detail: ideas on protective maintenance include: Check error messages Adhere strictly to preventive maintenance periods. Check users usage conditions In a case of carrying out preventive maintenance, gain the approval of the user before Output from diagnostic pattern hand. Output from setup lists Dont press preventive maintenance on the user. Retest after changing settings Probability of recovery by implementing daily inspections. 3. Fault maintenance work A fault will hold up the users work and must be remedied quickly. The following are some basic ideas on fault maintenance: 3-1 If it is not solved by the primary consultation, take the necessary maintenance items and make an on-site visit. Assemble the necessary maintenance parts from the matrix map At the users premises, first check the symptoms. Proceed with maintenance work in accordance with the fault tracing procedure. After the repair work is finished, be sure to check again by testing in accordance with the test procedure. If repair is not possible even though all the work has been done in accordance with the fault tracing procedure: Contact the Sales Support Groups in your local distributor.


Some Thoughts on Maintenance Work

Model Name:Rockhopper-46/62


Precautions For Maintaining This PrinterPRECAUTION 1 Head Cleaning PRECAUTION 5

Model Name:Rockhopper-46/62 Maintenance Unit Tubes


Head cleaning (see REP1620) must be carried out when this printer is to be transported by truck (see CON6000) and when the following parts are to be replaced. < Replacement parts > Head, Damper, Head Cable, Cartridge Frame Assembly, Ink Tubes

If you can not lower the maintenance unit cap assembly and the cap assembly and pump assembly have been replaced: When the two tubes from the pump assembly are being connected to the cap assembly, turn them clockwise through 45 to 90 degrees as you insert them.


Head Cleaning Jig


Take Care When Inserting Head Cable and Y Cable

When the head cleaning jig is to be used, fill the jigs 100 cc bottle with at least 50 cc of cleaning fluid and use it with the cap loosened. If head cleaning is done with the cap tightened, ink will flow back into the 100 cc bottle. When you have finished head cleaning, return the remaining cleaning fluid from the 100 cc bottle to the 500 cc cleaning fluid bottle (JD-42054).

When the print head assembly, head board assembly and main board assembly have been replaced, be careful to insert the head cable and Y cable straight to the back and dont forget to lock the connectors. (The connectors fitted with locks are J207 and J208 on the head board.) If the cables are inserted obliquely or power is applied without locking the connectors, there is a risk that the main board assembly may be damaged and it will be impossible for ink to be ejected. PRECAUTION 7 Ink and Cleaning Fluid Conduct Electricity


Printing After Initial Filling

On rare occasions, printing quality may be unstable if printing is carried out immediately after initial filling. If this occurs, switch off the power and wait for at least 30 minutes before trying to print again.

Ink and cleaning fluid will conduct electricity. If there is ink or cleaning fluid on the connectors of the head or head cables when power is applied, there will be a short circuit which may lead to all sorts of damage. If there is ink on the contacts of the connector, wipe it off with alcohol or ethanol and allow to dry thoroughly before reconnecting.


Thorough Waste Fluid Bottle Replacement

When the following tasks have been carried out,drain the waste fluid bottle. 1. After head cleaning and initial filling. 2. When it was not possible to capture main board assembly backup parameters.

Precautions For Maintaining This Printer

Model Name:Rockhopper-46/62



Model Name:Rockhopper-46/62


Rockhopper-46 3


Introduction Some Thoughts on Maintenance Work Precautions For Maintaining This Printer Contents How to use the Maintenance Manual Trouble-Shooting Lists Matrix Map Fault-Tracing Procedure Replacement and Adjustment Procedures Fundamental Knowledge Stored Test Patterns Self-Diagnosis Functions Maintenance Parts

CON 1000 CON 1010 CON 2000 CON 3001 ~ 3 CON 4000 TRB 0000 MAP 0000 EXA 0000 REP 0000 GID 0000

CON 1000 CON 1010 CON 2000 CON 3007 ~ 9 CON 4000 TRB 0000-3 MAP 0000-3 EXA 0000-3 REP 0000-3 GI D 0000-3 PAT 0000-3 BAC 0000-3 CAT 0000-3

PAT 0000 BAC 0000 CAT 0000


Model Name:Rockhopper-46/62


Model Name: Rock