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Faith McKinney

This is my new book Schmingling-The Art of Being Well-Connected Through Blatant Self-Promotion1Be Even More ConfidentGet Even More CredibilityMake Even Better ConnectionsAnd so much more!The Ultimate Self Promotion ToolkitOn Our Campus Well Teach You How To:Confidence is like the bones that support you, Credibilty is the identifier and Connection is the leverage you need. You can opt in and take this further. I want to give you something that you can run right out of here and get results. 25A little about me

I wanted to make a differenceIn the worldSuccessful Thinkers of Indianapolis Networking OrganizationEbony

Legendary News AnchorDan Rather

Soledad OBrien

Motivational SpeakerLes Brown

Jazz ArtistGeorge BensonSo Whats Stopping You?Build Even More Confidence1. Realize that you are WONDERFULLY made.

2. Talk it out (Especially Introverts)

3. Acknowledge your STRENGTHS and WEAKNESSES (Well help you discover your strengths and show you ways to monetize them)Gain Even More Credibility1. Implied Endorsements

2. Write Articles/Get Journalist to Notice You

3. Look The Part

14Create Even Better Connections 1.Sendout Cards 2.Give Recognition

15Why?I was shy.ResultsMedia ExposureName Recognition BrandedAccessOpportunitiesMy Offer Today:

The Ultimate Self-Promotion Tookit

1 Complimentary 30 Minute Consultation* Tips on how to gain even more clarity* Get even more credibility tricks* Where to go to get published!

To the first 5 only!

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