Fair Housing Workshop ?· Fair Housing Workshop “How to be a Good Fair Housing Landlord” For more…

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<ul><li><p>Fair Housing WorkshopHow to be a Good Fair Housing Landlord</p><p>For more informationPhone: 207-626-4670 | TTY: 1-800-452-4603</p><p>Email: dkjohnson@mainehousing.org</p><p>FREE Training</p><p>When</p><p>April 25, 2013 Westbrook Housing Authority9:00AMNoon Conference Room (Registration at 8:30) 3 Liza Harmon Drive Westbrook, Maine 04092</p><p> - Or -April 30, 2013 Augusta City Center9:00AMNoon Lecture Hall (Registration at 8:30) 16 Cony Street Augusta, Maine 04330</p><p>The meeting rooms are accessible to persons with physical disabilities and upon sufficient notice, appropriate communication auxiliary aids and services will be provided.</p><p>How to register</p><p>Pre-registration is required. Please complete the online registration by going to www.regonline.com/ 2013LandlordWorkshop.</p><p>Space is limited, so please register early.</p><p>This workshop is co-sponsored by MaineHousing, Pine Tree Legal Assistance, Maine Human Rights Commission, and the U.S. </p><p>Department of Housing and Urban Development.</p><p>Who should attend?</p><p>Landlords, owners, and property managers will learn the following:</p><p> Your responsibilities under the Federal Fair Housing Act &amp; the Maine Human Rights Act</p><p> Which properties are covered by the fair housing laws</p><p> What are considered unlawful activities under federal and state laws </p><p> Issues involving service animals, victims of domestic violence, sexual orientation, sexual harrassment, reasonable accommodations, Housing Choice vouchers, and advertising</p><p> How claims of discrimination are investigated</p><p>This training will provide realistic examples of rental housing situations and an opportunity to have your fair housing questions answered by legal experts.</p><p>Fair housing exists when all residents of a community can live in a decent, safe, affordable home of their choice.</p><p>As a landlord, you have come to understand how important fair housing practices are to your business. However, many landlords are finding it difficult to stay current on the laws prohibiting discrimination in housing. Protect yourself by understanding your rights and responsibilities as a rental property owner and learn how to identify potential problem situations and to prevent violations before they occur.</p>http://www.regonline.com/2013LandlordWorkshophttp://www.regonline.com/2013LandlordWorkshop</li></ul>


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