fail fast, learn fast, move fast: my ux journey to move faster

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We've all heard about the Lean Startup, and now Lean UX. This is a intro into how I've been using these methods to speed up the UX process, and work better within product teams.


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  • 62Dont worry
  • un peu UX 101
  • UX 101 we make things for
  • UX 101 we make things for
  • UX 101 We work in ecosystems
  • UX 101 we think visually
  • UX 101 We learn through observation
  • UX 101 were curious
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  • agency/consultant UXstartup large org
  • startupWhere the core component...
  • ...of Lean Startup methodology is thebuild-measure-learn feedback loop.
  • experiment viamvp iterative prototyping(keep it simple) UXvalue customer shipping / launchingfeedback often
  • Agencymaking deliverables is your job
  • consultant UX
  • large org
  • large org
  • how i learned to stopworrying about being in a large organization, and just move faster.
  • Hard.
  • Jim, Social Media Expert
  • I got 99 problems
  • Lets fix it.
  • developmentUX Product development business
  • developmentUX Product development business
  • Ive heardTeam is too small, must be sharedTeam doesnt work directly with developmentTeam doesnt work directly with product/business
  • Big hairy problem #1
  • Selling UX
  • How many people have true UX buy in at the c-level?
  • ABEX(always be evangelizing ux)
  • Big hairy problem #2
  • embracing and Agile
  • Rather than focus on artifacts,we focus on prototypes andvalidating those prototypes inDiscovery, with the addedbenefit that the prototype servesas the spec for Delivery.
  • Documentation = badrough, quick, iterative, prototype = good
  • Getting closer, quicker to the actual experience
  • developmentUX Product development business
  • UX developmentProduct development business
  • One new interesting challenge
  • mobile UX Designer me seo/sem UX Designer homepage UX Designer shoppingcheckoutUX Designer UX Designer
  • New ways of working for designerswill, at rst, be uncomfortable. Formany design managers, assigning theirstaff to particular teams brings a newchallenge. No longer does the designmanager dole out specic work toeach person on the team. Instead,the designers daily agenda is drivenby the prioritized backlog of thescrum team.
  • MBWA
  • MBWAManagement By Walking Around
  • (not new)1. Drive: UX practitioners are part of the customer or product owner team2. Research, model, and design up front - but only just enough3. Chunk your design work4. Use parallel track development to work ahead, and follow behind5. Buy design time with complex engineering stories6.Cultivate a user validation group for use for continuous user validation7. Schedule continuous user research in a separate track from development8. Leverage user time for multiple activities9.Use RITE to iterate UI before development10.Prototype in low fidelity11.Treat prototype as specification12.Become a design facilitator - 2008
  • walls = slow
  • agile
  • agile / lean UXeveryone is involved!
  • agile, better than waterfall
  • agile, shows value faster
  • agile, can work well with UX
  • agile, makes better software
  • ****
  • valuable UsableEnjoyable
  • business valuable Usable UX Enjoyable Wonder twins
  • +UX Business
  • determine value,create experience, repeat
  • how
  • We gathered our designers, our product folks andour engineers and took over a few conference roomsand began to operate like a startup. Design wasdone on whiteboards and coded in real time.Usability tests were weekly so the pace was fast andfurious. But we were able to try dozens ofexperiences across desktop, tablet and mobile in thetime that would have taken years at PayPal before.Build/Test/Learn became our mantra. -