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Facing the Giants. Linda Sanchez 4/30/13 6 th period. Perseverance. continued effort to do or achieve something despite difficulties, failure, or opposition - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Facing the Giants

Facing the Giants Linda Sanchez4/30/136th period

Perseverancecontinued effort to do or achieve something despite difficulties, failure, or oppositionA time when I persevere is when I am having a bad day and I try to make it better or when my grades start going down and I work hard to bring them up.

Kindnessthe act or the state of being kind, being marked bygoodandcharitablebehavior, pleasantdisposition, and concern for other something kind I would like to do is whenever I get older I will sometimes pay for the person behind me at drive throughs because my dad does that too and it is kind and can change someone's day.

What is the value of giving your best? Are you wholehearted in your endeavors?

When you give your best it makes you feel good. I like to try my best because whats the point in doing something if your not going to do your best.

What does it mean to prepare for rain? When have you felt like you were in a desertIt means to always be ready and that even though bad things happen it will be alright its like after a hurricane comes a rainbow.

In what areas of life are you willing to attempt the impossible?

In every area because I dont think anything is impossible.

Is it hard for you to persevere in the midst of feeling defeated?

Yes because when things dont work out you feel bad but you have to learn that it will get better

Do you tend to criticize others or are you an encourager?

I am an encourager because I like to help people

How do the choices you make today effect what happens in your future?

Because it can affect your whole life, like if you choose to ignore school you wont get a good job, or if you follow your dreams they will come true.

References Moon picture in 1st slideMan jumping off a cliff picture in 2nd slideDog and cat picture in 3rd slideSunset on the beach picture in 4th slide Flowers picture in 5th slideWalking on water picture in 6th slideMoon picture in 7th slideStop sign picture in 8th slideCouple picture in 9th slideEiffel tower in 10 slide