facing off indians & englishmen in early new england

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  • Facing OffIndians & Englishmen in Early New England

  • Pequot War (1634-8)Mass Bay & Plymouth Colony allied with Narragansetts & MohegansIndians in Connecticut River Valley fought over European fur tradetwo English traders killed by Niantic Indians; Puritan militia attacked Niantic on Block Island Pequot raided Connecticut villages (took captives at Wethersfield)English massacred Pequot women & children at Mystic; Indian allies horrifiedPequot nation virtually destroyedIndians unable to mount resistance until King Philips War in 1675

  • Praying Indians&Praying Towns

  • John Eliot:Minister to the Indians

  • Metacoms Rebellion:The Native American War for IndependenceKing Philips War (1675-6)southern New England (MA & ME, CT, RI)50% of colonial villages attacked3,000 Indians & 800 colonists deadMetacom killed, family sent into slavery

  • Metacom/King PhilipKing Philips Seat (Rhode Island)

  • Great Swamp FightDecember 16, 1675victory for colonial militia300 Narragansetts killed

  • Metacoms Rebellion:The Native American War for IndependenceNew England Confederation, Mohegans, & Pequots versusWampanoag, Nipmuck, Podunk, Narragansett, NashawayIndians losing land to the colonistsMetacoms father Massasoit & brother Wamsutta had kept uneasy peaceMetacom Grand Sachem in 1662Praying Indian John Sassamon told colonial officials Philip planning war; Sassamon found murdered3 Wampamoags arrested, tried, hangedSwansea destroyed by IndiansPlymouth & Boston militia destroyed Mount Hopebloody, high casualty ratesPraying Indians sent to Deer Island where many diedleft legacy of bitter feelings & fear

  • Captivity NarrativesMary Rowlandson

    captured during King Philips War with her 3 childrenmet with Metacomransomed after 11 weeksdaughter Sarah died in captivity

    Lancaster, MAPublished 1682

  • The Unredeemed Captiveby John DemosThe Redeemed Captive by Rev. John WilliamsIndian raid on Deerfield, MA (February 29, 1704)French stirring up trouble against English with help of Indian alliesWilliams family slain or captured, later redeemedEunice Williams remains unredeemedlittle actual evidence of Eunicenarrative history

  • The Unredeemed Captiveby John Demos Historic Deerfield, Massachusetts

  • The Unredeemed Captiveby John Demos The RaidThe Flight into Captivity

  • The Unredeemed Captiveby John DemosKahwanake LandsKahwanake Village

  • The Unredeemed Captiveby John DemosIroquois Longhouses

  • The Unredeemed Captiveby John DemosJesuits in New France