Facebook will bury ‘overly promotional page posts’

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Facebook once again tweaks with its News Feed but this time it is putting the user first by decreasing promotional posts. Read more here: http://www.eatsleepdigitals.com/facebook-will-bury-%E2%80%98overly-promotional-page-posts%E2%80%99



2. WHATS IT ALL ABOUT?Facebooks latest algorithm update will be liked by Facebook users but pageadministrators will be hitting the drawing board once again.Facebook is set to dismiss posts that it deems overly promotional from usersNews Feeds on the social network. 3. SAY GOODBYE TO PROMOTIONAL POSTSFacebooks tweak will mean that even if people have liked a page for a brand orcelebrity, they will be less likely to see posts from that particular pageencouraging them to buy a product or service, install apps or enter competitions.Facebook carried out a survey about how users felt about the content in theirNews Feeds.When a typical user logs into Facebook, they likely have more than 1,500 newitems the company can display in their aggregated news feed, which range fromfriends new to pages the user has liked. 4. DOES THIS MEAN THERE WILL BE MORE PAIDADS?Facebook state the change will not increase the number of ads people will see intheir News Feeds but it will probably increase the amount of pages paying foradvertisement.Brands with high-quality content and high engagement will still reach their fanswithout paying to extra advertisement.Facebooks advertising business already generated $2.96 billion of revenues forthe company in the 3rd quarter of 2014 92.5% of its overall income. 5. WANT TO KNOW MORE?Have we sparked your interest?If you want to read the full article, all you have to do is click on the linkbelow!Facebook will bury overly promotional page posts