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Snackable "byte-sized" training session from Geoff Peterson of General Lead (www.generallead.com) on Facebook. Looking for a new job? Check out RecruitChute (www.recruitchute.com), a targeted resume delivery service that gets your resume delivered to a massive opt-in list of thousands of recruiters and hr managers.


<ul><li> Sourcing Channels: Strategies for the Most Popular Social Network http://www.facebook.com/geoffpeterson By: Geoff Peterson http://www.linkedin.com/in/geoffpeterson Managing Principal, General Lead http://twitter.com/geoffpeterson Blogger, StaffBytes http://friendfeed.com/geoffpeterson Author, The Sourcers Playbook http://www.google.com/profiles/gpeterson23 </li> <li> Live From Pittsburgh, PA </li> <li> Sourcing Channels Schedule Social &amp; Business Networks Facebook Strategies 6/18 &amp; 6/19 The Blogosphere Twitter Twaining Search Engines 7/7 &amp; 7/9 Mobile Technologies Googles Impact Social Media on Social Recruiting 7/14 &amp; 7/16 RSS/Bookmarking/ Video </li> <li> On Your Mark, Get Set, Facebook </li> <li> Fast Facts: -200 Million Members (1/5 of all Internet Users) -4 Billion Pieces of Info; 850 Million Photos; 8 Million Videos (Every Month) -Users Spend Avg. of 20 Minutes/day on the Site -10K+ Independent Sites on Facebook Connect </li> <li> Strategic Thoughts </li> <li> Take Advantage of Free Facebook Applications </li> <li> Use 3rd Party Tools to Stay Connected </li> <li> Follow The Leaders </li> <li> Get a Facebook Marketing Strategy </li> <li> Measure &amp; Follow Online Discussions </li> </ul>