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FacadeGlobaLMaster Faade Consultancy Capability Statement Slide 2 Value Propositions: To realize the full value of faade engineering in partnership with Employers, Consultants, Builders and Faade Specialists. Regardless, we pledge our absolute loyalty to providing the best solutions for the project. FacadeGlobaLMaster Slide 3 Scope of Faade Consultancy: Establish Quality Bench Mark Review Shop drawings and Structural Calculations Review/Recommend Material Specification Provide Expert Witness for Mockup Test Compliance Audit on Materials and Workmanship Review/Recommend Method Statements for the Work General Supervision of Site Work for Quality Construction Management Services Contract Management Services FacadeGlobaLMaster One Amber Slide 4 FacadeGlobaLMaster Philip Kwang, CMgr, FCMi Principal Faade Consultant Managing Director, Faade Global Master Pte Ltd. Professional Background: Advisor, CEC, TUV PSB Corporation Chairman, SS381 1996 for Curtain Wall Tests Dy Chairman, CP96:2002 CP for Curtain Wall Lecturer (Faade), NUS Dept of Architecture Former CEO, FacadeMaster Pte Ltd Key Project References: Supreme Court Singapore United Square Building NTUC Building The Concourse South Beach Development (Peer consultant) Senior Director, Alcoa Singapore Pte Ltd Technical Director, Kawneer Global Special Projects Managing Director. Faade Global Master Pte Ltd K-Solar 3G Technologies Pte Ltd Core Competencies Business, Contract & Construction Management Consultancy Faade Design & Technical Advisory Slide 5 FacadeGlobaLMaster Eric Lo Principal Faade Consultant (Operations) Professional Background: BA.Sc (Hon), BA (Economic) Core Competencies: Project Management Technical Compliance Installation Methods & Safety Past Experiences: Senior Project Manager, PD International Director of Operations, FacadeMaster Pte Ltd Major Project References Singapore Post Centre Wisma Atria NTUC Building Supreme Court MAS Building CPF Building United Square Republic Polytechnic Slide 6 Singapore Post Centre New Supreme Court Changi Airport Terminal 1 Changi Airport Terminal 2 Tan Tock Seng Hospital The Concourse Wheelock Place NTUC Building MAS Building United Square Singtel Headquarters CPF Building Wisma Atria Key Project References Singapore Australia 293 Collins Street, Melbourne Commonwealth Law Court, Adelaide Taiwan Elite Headquarter Building Shangha i Shanghai Stock Exchange Building Malaysia MayBank HQ Indonesia Jakarta Stock Exchange India Westin Hotel Sri Lanka World Trade Centre Slide 7 Photo Gallery Slide 8 United CW:120,000m2 Canopy:18,000m2 Client: South Beach Consortium Advisor: FacadeGlobalMaster Architect: Foster + Partners Faade Consultants: Arup Faade Main Contractor: Hyundai Faade Contractor: YKK AP South Beach Development Singapore FacadeGlobaLMaster Slide 9 GYS Vision Gurgaon Indi Icon Tower Unitised Curtain Wall: 25,000m2 Client: Dignity Builders Pvt Ltd Architect: Morphogenesis Faade Contractor: Al Karma Slide 10 Gleneagles Medini Hospital Malaysia Curtain Wall: 70000m2 Cladding: 4000m2 Client: Gleaneagles Hospital Architect: B+H Architects Main Contractor: TBA Faade Contractor: TBA FacadeGlobaLMaster Slide 11 Faade CW: 5000m2 Client: Cathay Development Architect: RDC Architect Faade Consultant: FGM Faade Contractor: PD Manufacturing International 22 Martin Road Singapore FacadeGlobaLMaster Slide 12 Singapore Supreme Court Faade Systems: 7000m2 Customised Curtain Wall System with Laminated Marble Glass. 1200m2 Dome Roof Cladding 3500m2 Bristole Walkway Glass Cladding Client: Supreme Court Singapore Architect: Norman Foster/ CPG Consultants Pte Ltd Main Contractor: Sato Koyo Construction Pte Ltd Faade Specialist: FacadeMaster Pte Ltd FacadeGlobaLMaster Slide 13 Singapore Post Centre Faade Systems: 20,000m2 Customized Unitized Curtain Wall, 35,000m2 Aluminum Cladding Client: Singapore Post Limited Architect: RDC Architect Pte Main Contractor: Penta Ocean/Low Keng Huat Construction Pte Ltd Faade Specialist: PD Manufacturing International Pte Ltd FacadeGlobaLMaster Slide 14 The Concourse Singapore Faade Systems: 45,000m2 Custom Curtain Wall System 12,000mr Point Fixed Glass Handrail Client: Hong Fok Development Pte Ltd Architect: Architect 61 Pte Ltd Main Contractor: Maincon Construction Pte Ltd Faade Specialist: PD Manufacturing International Pte Ltd FacadeGlobaLMaster Slide 15 Republic Polytechnic Singapore Faade Systems: 12.000m2 Unitized Window System. 10,000m2 Stick System 5,000m2 Metal Cladding Client: Republic Polytechnic, Singapore. Architect: DP Architects Pte Ltd Main Contractor: China Construction South Pacific Devevlopment Pte Ltd Faade Specialist: FacadeMaster Pte Ltd FacadeGlobaLMaster Slide 16 Revenue House, Singapore Faade System: 16,000m2 Unitized Curtain Wall 5000m2 Metal Cladding 2000m2 Custom Window Client: Singapore Tax Authority Architect: CPG Consultants Pte Ltd Main Contractor: Tokyo Construction Faade Specialist: PD Manufacturing I nternational Pte Ltd FacadeGlobaLMaster Slide 17 Pavilion 2 Residence Faade Systems: 10,000m2 Window Walls 3000m2 Sliding Folding Doors Client: UOL Limited Architrect: DP Architect Pte Ltd Main Contractor: China Construction (South Pacific) Pte Ltd Faade Specialist: Jinya Facades Pte Ltd Slide 18 Monetary Authority of Singapore Faade System: 28,000m2 Metal Cladding System Client: Monetary Authority Singapore Architect: RSP Architects & Engineers Pte Ltd Main Contractor: Taisei Corporation Singapore Pte Ltd Faade Specialist: FacadeMaster Pte Ltd FacadeGlobaLMaster Slide 19 One Marina Boulevard Faade Systems: 32,000m2 Custom United Curtain Wall System 10,000m2 Spider Truss Point Supportecd Low Iron Glass Systems 3000m2: Granite Infill Curtain Wall System 5000m2 Handset Granite Client: Singapore Labor Foundation/National Trade Union Congress. Architect: DP Architects Pte Ltd Main Contractor: Samsung/Tiong Seng Construction Pte Ltd Faade Specialist: FaadeMaster Pte Ltd FacadeGlobaLMaster Slide 20 United Square (Faade Upgrading) Faade System: 25,000m2 Stick Curtain Wall System Client: UOL Land Limited Main Contractor : FacadeMaster Pte Ltd Slide 21 Tan Tock Seng Hospital Faade Systems 30,000m2 Metal Cladding 12,000m2 Custom Window Wall Client: Tan Tock Seng Hospital Singapore Architect: CPG Consultants Pte Ltd Main Contractor: SangYong Construction Pte Ltd Faade Specialist: PD Manufacturing International Pte Ltd FacadeGlobaLMaster Slide 22 One Amber Residence Faade Systems: 12,000m Window Wall 6,000m2 Stick Curtain Wall Client: UOL/UIC Development Limited Architect: P&T Architects Pte Ltd Main Contractor: China Construction ( South Pacific) Development Pte Ltd Faade Specialist: Jinya Faade Pte Ltd FacadeGlobaLMaster Slide 23 Faade GlobaL Master Pte Ltd 22 Sin Ming Lane #06-74 Midview City, Singapore 573969. Tel: 65-64560208 Fax: 65-64561908 List of Valuable Clients/Partners/Associates : South Beach Consortium Pte Ltd UOL Land Limited, Singapore UIC Land Limited, Singapore P&T Architects Pte, Singapore DP Architects Pte, Singapore China Construction South Pacific Development Co Pte Ltd, Singapore Shenzhen Jinya Aluminum Pte Ltd, Singapore Alcoa/Kawneer Global Special Projects, Singapore HCCH Consulting Pte Ltd Singapore Al Karma, India Vatika Group, India Minesco Pty Limited, Australia Sinh Nam Metal Industries, Vietnam Seiko Aluminum Pte Ltd, Singapore Golden Diamond Trading Co., Ltd, Taiwan Chuang Kuan Curtain Wall Engineering Co Ltd Taiwan


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