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F50-533 F5 NETWORKS exam asnwers free download F50-533 detailed F50-533 test answers sample. Buy F5 NETWORKS F50-533 study materials.


<ul><li><p> F50-533 BIG-IP GTM v10.x </p><p> http://www.testsexpert.com/F50-533.html </p></li><li><p> 2 </p><p> www.testsexpert.com </p><p> Question: 1 When DNS_REV is used as the probe protocol by the GTM System, which information is expected in the response from the probe? A. a reverse name lookup of the GTM System B. the list of root servers known by the local DNS C. the FQDN of the local DNS being probed for metric information D. the revision number of BIND running on the requesting DNS server </p><p>Answer: C Question: 2 Which three can be a part of a pools definition? (Choose three.) A. Link B. Monitors C. Wide IPs D. Persistence E. Data Centers F. Virtual Servers </p><p>Answer: B, D, F Question: 3 Which two must be included in a Wide-lP definition for the Wide-lP to resolve a DNS query? (Choose two.) A. a name B. a monitor C. a load balancing method D. one or more virtual servers </p><p>Answer: A, C Question: 4 A GTM System would like to ensure that a given LTM System is reachable and iQuery communication is allowed prior to sending it client request. What would be the simplest monitor template to use? A. TCP B. ICMP C. HTTP D. BIGIP E. SNMP </p></li><li><p> 3 </p><p> www.testsexpert.com </p><p>Answer: D Question: 5 Which two ports must be enabled to establish communication between GTM Systems and other BIG-IP Systems? (Choose two.) A. 22 B. 53 C. 443 D. 4353 E. 4354 </p><p>Answer: A, D Question: 6 When probing LDNSs, which protocol is used by default? A. TCP B. ICMP C. DNS_REV D. DNS_DOT </p><p>Answer: B Question: 7 Which statement is true concerning iRules? A. iRules B. iRules C. iRules D. iRules </p><p>Answer: B Question: 8 use a proprietary syntax language. must contain at least one event declaration. must contain at least one conditional statement. must contain at least one pool assignment statement. What must be sent to the license server to generate a new license? A. the systems dossier B. the systems base license C. the systems serial number D. the systems purchase order number </p></li><li><p> 4 </p><p> www.testsexpert.com </p><p>Answer: A Question: 9 What is the difference between primary and secondary DNS servers? A. Only primary servers can issue authoritative responses. B Primary servers host the original copy of the zone database file. C. Primary servers resolve names more efficiently than secondary servers. D. Secondary servers act as back-ups and will respond only if the primary fails. </p><p>Answer: B Question: 10 If the config tool is complete, which two access methods are available by default for GTM administration and configuration? (Choose two.) A. network access via http B. network access via https C. network access via telnet D. direct access via serial port </p><p>Answer: B, D </p></li><li><p> 5 </p><p> www.testsexpert.com </p><p> You will not find better practice material than testsexpert PDf questions with answers on the web because it provides real exams preparation environment. Our practice tests and PDF question, answers are developed by industry leading experts according to the real exam scenario. At the moment we provides only question with detailed answers at affordable cost. You will not find comparative material elsewhere on the web at this price. We offer Cisco, Microsoft, HP, IBM, Adobe, Comptia, Oracle exams training material and many more. </p><p>We also provide PDF Training Material for: </p><p>Cisco Microsoft HP IBM Adobe Comptia Oracle CCNA MCTS AIS Lotus CS4 A+ 11g DBA CCNP MCSE APC WebSphere CS3 Security+ 10g DBA CCIP MCITP APS Mastery ACE Server+ OSA 10g CCIE MBS ASE SOA CS5 Network+ OCA 9i CCVP MCPD CSA Storage CS2 Linux+ 11i CCSP MCAD MASE Rational Captivate iNet+ 9i Forms CXFF MCAS APP Tivoli Flex Project+ Weblogic </p><p>CCENT MCSA CSD IBM DB2 CSM RFID+ Oracle 8i CCDE MCDBA CSE IBM XML MX7 HTI+ PTADCE </p><p> We provide latest exams preparation material only. </p><p>Contact US at: support@testsexpert.com </p><p>Join Us at </p><p>Twitter: www.twitter.com/testsexpert </p><p>FaceBook: www.facebook.com/testsexpert </p></li></ul>