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Rules and regulation for F-1 student visa.



2. GUIDELINES FOR MAINTAINING YOUR F1 STATUS Employment - Do not work!Financial commitment: Pay school on time!Attendance: Attend classes every day and follow the school rules! (18 hours class per week) STUDY! You must maintain a good academic standing or you fail the course. 3. DOCUMENTS Your documents are your responsibility!Make sure your documents are valid: I-20 and I-94Your I-94 together with your valid I-20 proves your legal status in the US. I-94 SAMPLE I-20 SAMPLE 4. ATTENDANCE Come to every class!Be involved with the school`s activitiesAbsent? You must call the school in advance!Get a doctor's note if you are sick and missed more than 5 days of class.You cant maintain your F1 status if you miss more than 20% of minimum study hours! 5. QUICK CLASSROOM RULES English only! Bring your textbooks to class No cell phones are allowed during class Be polite to teachers, staff members and classmates Respect other students opinions and ideas Keep your classroom clean for the next class See Code of Conduct for more details 6. PUNCTUALITY Be on time for class! When late, enter but please: Enter quietly Take a seat Explain later 7. TESTS Passing Score: 70%Too easy? Are you an excellent student? Jump a level! You can take the final test and move up! You must get 70% or moreMissed the replacement test?CallSchedule an Appointment*Take the test*You may be charged a fee if you miss the replacement test day 8. TIPS FROM IMMIGRATION Keep your passport validUpdate your financial informationIf you move, you must update your contact info with the school!Inform Harvest 4 weeks before your I-20 expires for extension! You must provide new financial documentation no more than one month old10-DAY RULE CHANGE ADDRESS 9. HEALTH INSURANCE International student health insurance is highly recommended! Students without coverage can contact International Students Health Insurance ISOA for more information about health insurance plans:www.isoa.org (800) 2441180 10. VACATION RULES Only after 3 months!Vacation form must be submitted 4 weeks before you take your vacation!Vacation is permitted only after obtaining the DSO approval!Future payments should be settled before vacationStudents must continue attending classes until request is approved 11. HOLIDAYS AND BREAKS Holidays No classes on National holidays: New Years Day (01/01) President`s Day (02/18) Memorial Day Weekend (05/27) Independence Day (07/04) Labor Day Weekend (09/02) Columbus Day (10/14) Thanksgiving (3 days) (11/28, 29 and 30) Christmas Day (12/25)BreaksSummer Break: Last week of August Winter Break: Last week of December International Festival Students are required to participate 12. STUDENT ACTIVITIES Get involved! International Student Festival Field Trips New activities are always posted on our Facebook Page!New activities every month http://www.facebook.com/pages/HARVEST-ENGLISHINSTITUTE/252040608143028 13. TRANSFER PROCEDURES You must notify the school in writing (request letter/form)Your attendance must be at least 80% and your grade average 70% or moreYou must provide the transfer form and Acceptance letter from the transfer-in school before finishing your course. 14. INCLEMENT WEATHER Snow storm? - We are closed when Newark public schools are closed. - Call the school (973) 274 1888 and listen carefully to the Voicemail - Visit our Facebook page And check our latest updates 15. MEET THE TEAMJerry Docarmo PresidentChristian PiresNorma RiosVice PresidentDesignated School OfficialPatricia CastroMarianna B. ScheetsDirector of EducationInternational RecruiterMarcio Zanucci Education CoordinatorTatiana dos Santos Program Specialist Coordinator 16. KEEP IN TOUCH Questions? Send us an e-mail: harvest@harvestinstitute.com Immigration doubts? norma@harvestinstitute.com Educational information? marcio@harvestinstitute.com International student inquiry? marianna@harvestinstitute.comJoin our social network! Stay in touch with your classmates! 17. STUDENT KIT Please read your Student Handbook and sign the Orientation Acknowledgement.ID Upon request 18. Enjoy Learning English at 19. Harvest Institute 128 Wilson Ave.Newark, NJ - 07105 (973) 274 1888 harvest@harvestinstitute.com www.harvest.net/