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EZAnalyze Version 3.0

OptionsSetting for cascade menus

InstallINSTALLING OR UPGRADING EZAnalyze***Clicking the Install button below will automatically install EZAnalyze on your computer. Simply follow the prompts.***It will also upgrade a previous version without you having to 'manually' uninstall it.REMOVING EZAnalyze***After EZAnalyze (Version 3.0) is installed, you can remove it by going to the 'Options' menu.***You do not need to remove an old version of EZAnalyze before installing a new one with this installer - the old one is removed automaticallyIf the button above does not work, Macros are not enabled. Follow these steps to enable Macros:First, try closing and reopening this file. If you do not see a Security Warning with the option to Enable Macros, follow the steps belowIn Excel 2007, you should see the Security Warning just under the Ribbon, above and to the left of the EZAnalyze logo. Click on 'Options'and then 'Enable This Content'***Excel 2003 and earlier (PC), or Excel 2001 - 2004 (Mac)1 - Go to the 'Tools' menu and highlight 'Macro', then click 'Security'2 - Choose 'High' (or lower), click OK, then close and reopen this file (you can reset to original setting after installation), and clickon the 'Enable Macros' button when it appears3 - Close and reopen this file***Excel 20071 - Click on the Office Button (upper left) and click 'Excel Options' (near bottom)2 - select 'Trust Center', and click on 'Trust Center Settings'3 - Click 'Macro Settings' and select 'Disable all macros with notification'4 - Click on 'Message Bar' and ensure 'Show the message bar in all applications'is selected5 - Click OK twice, close and reopen this file, and click on the 'Options' button that appears next to the security warning(under the ribbon) and select 'Enable this content'. You can reset your security level if you likeIf you can not enable Macros for this file, you should go to www.ezanalyze.comand download the .xla version to manually install

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