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Jesus said, "the lamp of the body is the eye". What did he mean? Knowing that it He was using a common Hebrew idiom, can open our understanding to a lot of things that are wrong with us today. Also included in this volume is a study on the armour of God: Protection is essential. Ephesians 6 gives us a list of spiritual armour that will protect us. But how do we make sure we're actually wearing it?



Wearing the Whole Armour of Godby Robby ChartersEyes: 1997, 2 , by Robby Charters

Wearing the Whole Armour of God: 199! by Robby Charters "#ri$ture %uotations are ta&en from: 'e( )ing *ames +ersion ,')*+- 1991 by .homas 'elson, /n#0 Com$lete *e(ish 1ible ,C*1- .ranslated by 2a3id 40 "tern, *e(ish 'e( .estament 5ubli#ations "ome "#ri$tures %uoted are author6s o(n $ara$hrase Co3er design and layout by (((0Robbys7e1oo&78ormatting0#o0u&

Table of ContentsEyes0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000002.he 5arable of a(n) 6(un)Certain "amaritan6000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000009 'o( We 4a3e A Word 8or 6.han& :ou60000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000! What 2o :ou .hin& / Am 77 An Asset;000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000019 /s .here e? 1ut "ay /t With :our Eyes00000000000000000000000000000000000000000022 God 4as a Good Eye0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000002@ Wearing the Whole Armour of God00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000099

Eyes>atthe( =:22,29


The Parable of a(n) '(un)Certain Samaritan'alternately: The Parable of the Good Levite (and the Bad Samaritans) att =:22 and y brotherC Where is thy dis#ernment; 8or 3erily, / say unto you, of this man6s foolish deeds #ame this misfortune u$on him0 8or this is surely a drug addi#t, and in a gang fight got he these (ounds0 /f (e hel$ him, surely, he (ill a#t un(isely yet again be#ause of the foolishness of his heart0 .herefore, (ouldst (e not ha3e really hel$ed him0 And furthermore, ha3e (e not other $riorities; "urely this (ould undermine our ministry unto (hi#h (e are truly #alled, and (e shall be found bad ste(ards of God6s gra#eC6 And they $assed by on the other side0 And li&e(ise a German theologian, (ho (as a 3isiting le#turer at a lo#al seminary, (hen he (as at the $la#e (ith some of his $u$ils (as eB$ounding unto them the 6sermon on the mount06 4e had %uoted unto them the $assage of >atthe( =:22,290 "aid one of his $u$ils, 65rofessor, (hen#e is it said, 6a good eye;6 .he theologian ans(ered and said unto him, 6Dne (ith a good eye is he (ho is enlightened0 4e &no(eth that there is more than the eye beholdeth0 4e 3erily &no(eth ho( to dis#ern both the old (isdom and the ne(06 6What ne( (isdom doeth he dis#ern;6 as&ed the se#ond $u$il0 64e dis#erneth the (isdom of the $oliti#ally #orre#t,6 saith he, 68or 3erily, / say unto you, $oliti#al #orre#tness is deri3ed from modern enlightenment06 6And (hat of the old,6 as&ed another0 61ehold, that is the an#ient (isdom of 6#ommon sense,6 (hi#h (hen married to $oliti#al #orre#tness is 3erily the e$itome of modern thought06 .hen #ame they unto (here the 6#ertain man6 lay, and loo&ed on him0 68or instan#e,6 said the theologian, 61oth #ommon sense and $oliti#al #orre#tness (ould #om$el us that (e should $ass by on the other side06 6Wherefore shouldest (e not hel$ this man (ho lieth here half dead;6 as&ed the first $u$il01 .his, of #ourse, is not ty$i#al of all Ameri#an ministers or German theologians, any more than :eshua6s original $arable (as ty$i#al of all atthe( =:22, (e may find oursel3es on the (rong side in the story of the good "amaritan0 1ut to understand the statement to begin (ith, (e must &no( that 6good eye6 is sim$ly a 4ebre( idiom that means a generous heart, and 6bad eye6 means a stingy, or greedy heart0A :eshua (as fond of the $un0 Gnfortunately, $uns don6t translate 3ery (ell, (hi#h is (hy many of us missed it, but he ne3er the less told it as a $un: 64o( is the eye the lam$ of the body;6 he (ould ha3e as&ed0 66Cause you see light (ith it;6 5eter (ould ha3e 3entured0 6RightC /f the eye is good ,generous-, the body is full of lightC62 .he oil (as for a salad his (ife (as going to ma&e, and the (ine (as for Shabbat0 4e also had #andles, a Ear of $i#&led herring, a doHen eggs000 9 6:eshua6 is sim$ly the 4ebre( (ay of saying 6*esus6, used here be#ause /t6s the (ay 4is name (as $ronoun#ed (hen 4e (as on earth0 /f you $refer 6*esus6, that6s o&ay too0 A 1ut (asn6t Aramai# s$o&en in first #entury 5alestine, not 4ebre(; >ore and more s#holars no( belie3e that 4ebre( (as still a li3ing language during the time of Christ0 An eB#ellent boo&, "nderstanding the #iffi!ult Words of $esus by 2a3id 1i3in and Roy 1liHHard *r0, ,19!9,19!A, Centre for 1ibli#al Analysis, 2estiny /mage 5ublishers,- gi3es stri&ing e3iden#e0 8or instan#e, the 6original Gree&6 of the "yno$ti# Gos$els is grammati#ally #orre#t ,or $assable- for the most $art, but definitely not the senten#e stru#ture that a &no(ledgeable Gree& (riter (ould ha3e used0 4o(e3er, (hen you transliterate it (ord for (ord into 4ebre(, it #omes out in $erfe#t idiomati# 4ebre(, (ithout ha3ing to $ara$hrase it0 8or Eust that reason, it6s ob3ious that the "yno$ti# Gos$els (ere originally in 4ebre(, but (ere transliterated into Gree& in mu#h the same (ay as the "e$tuagint ,the first Gree& translation of the Dld .estament (hi#h is also %uoted in the 'e( .estament-0 Dther internal e3iden#e su$$orts that 4ebre(, as (ell as Aramai# (as a#tually s$o&en in e3eryday life in first #entury 5alestine0 .he >ishnah, #om$iled some 1 or so years later also sho(s signs of ha3ing been (ritten in a li3ing language rather than a dead language0 .he idiom, 6good eye6 is also found in the $arable of the em$loyer, in >att 2 :171= (here he said, 6/s your eye bad be#ause /6m generous6 ,3s0 1@-; .he 4ebre( idiom fits $erfe#tly in that #onteBt0


6DhC % get itC6 5eter (ould ha3e (ent on0 6 Spiritual light, right; A man (ith a good (generous) eye (al&s in the lightC /t6s a lam$C Get it, Andre(; Get it, *ohn;6 6:eah, yeah0006 6And,6 5eter goes on, 6A man (ith a bad ,stingy- eye, that means his lam$ is out right; .hat6s a good one, Rabbi0 :ou6re funnyC .ell us another $unC6 What :eshua told as a $un 2 years ago is 3itally im$ortant to us today0 Why; 1e#ause that is the se#ret to (al&ing in light0 We tal& so mu#h about light, the Word of God being a light to our $ath, (al&ing in the light, and letting our light so shine before men, but half of us don6t e3en &no( ho( to turn the light onC We6re al(ays $reo##u$ied (ith the %uestion, 6What6s God6s (ill for my life;6, but it seems li&e (e6re feeling our (ay around in the dar&, listening for a still small 3oi#e, gro$ing for the s(it#h0 :eshua tells us ho( to turn it on0 .o turn on the light, first (e must &no( (here the lam$ is lo#ated F that6s our eyes0 'o(, (e &no( that a good eye is a generous heart, so (e &no( e3en more #learerly (here the lam$ is0 .his meaning fits $erfe#tly into the #onteBt of both $assages0 .he 6good eye6 $assage in >atthe( =:22 follo(s right on the heel of :eshua6s #omments on 6laying u$ treasures in hea3en,6 and Eust before (here he says, 6no one #an ser3e t(o masters06 .he (hole se#tion is about generosity, and the 3alue of $ossessions 3ersus $eo$le and relationshi$s0 'o( did you really thin& the Gos$el (riters (ere so s#atter7brain they #ouldn6t sti#& to the same subEe#t 3ery long; All of :eshua6s sayings fit in their #onteBt0 "ometimes you Eust ha3e to &no( (hat he has been tal&ing about to begin (ith0 "ometimes you ha3e to retra#e ba#&(ards a (hole #ha$ter or t(o to $i#& u$ his train of thought0@ /n the #ase of the 6good eye6 $assage in ind you, (e are not tal&ing about gi3ing offerings and donations0 essiah on the $eo$le6s terms0 After all, he had already gi3en u$ so mu#h Eust in be#oming a manC Why gi3e u$ more; 1ut e3en as a man, he 3alued his fello( man so mu#h he ga3e that all u$0 4e (as mo3ed (ith #om$assion0 "ometimes he didn6t e3en ha3e time to eat be#ause of his #om$assion0 4is mother and brothers thought he had lost his head be#ause he (as s$ending so mu#h time hel$ing $eo$le0 4e hadn6t lost his head0 4e Eust had a good eyeC "ome of us do lose our head, but that isn6t due to a good eye0 We6re not being mo3ed (ith #om$assion F (e6re being mo3ed by our guilt #om$leB, by our sense of duty, by our desire for su##ess, so as to gain a sense of a##om$lishment or by our obsession on 6being in God6s $erfe#t (ill60 :eshua (as mo3ed by none of those things0 4e (as mo3ed (ith #om$assion, so he didn6t suffer a ner3ous brea&do(n e3en though his mother and brothers though he surely (ould0 :eshua had a good eye0 4e lo3ed man&ind, but, unli&e oses #ommanded the $eo$le of /srael to eat (hen God deli3ered them out of Egy$t0 /t6s the meal (here they don6t eat regular bread0 .hey ha3e to eat matHah instead F that is, unlea3ened bread0 When it (as time to ta&e a $arti#ular $ie#e of matHah that had been bro&en off of the middle $ie#e ,the afi&omen-, he said, 6.his is my body that is to be bro&en for you06 .hen it (as time to $our the #u$ of (ine for the fourth and final time in the seder0 4e did so, and=.he late Charles >0 "#hultH, Peanuts* F / forget (hi#h issue0


said, 6.his is my blood /6m about to shed for you06 "hortly after(ards, his body (as indeed bro&en0 /t (as (hi$$ed and mistreated in e3ery (ay0 4e (as falsely a##used0 4is (ords (ere ta&en out of #onteBt and made to sound li&e something he had ne3er meant to say0 4is re$utation (as ruined, but he Eust &e$t his mouth shut0 5eo$le6s souls (ere more im$ortant to him than that0 4e (as beaten until he (as unre#ognisable0 4is ba#& (as #ut o$en (ith a (hi$ that had bits of shar$ bone tied to the ends0 .hen, he (as administered a 3ery torturous slo( death that (as normally $res#ribed only for #on3i#ted terrorists0 >ost $i#tures of :eshua on the #ross loo& so dignified #om$ared to ho( he really loo&ed0 /f / had a $i#ture of ho( he $robably really loo&ed $rinted