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  • he finest products from the Olives in Spain, alwaysharvested before the sun rises, as if not to wake the deepcatalogue of feelings that the olive is going to deliver to usonce collected in silence and carefully

    Gathered selectivily choosing the best pieces whichcontain many sensations once we get in touch with them.

    Be ready, be patient to hear all the olive secrets is going torelate to you. Find the miracle inside it. Will you dare? Wehope so.

    Simply it is our sheer passion, share it with us.

  • Extra virgin is the highest quality and most expensive olive oil classification. It should have no defects and a flavor of fresh olives.It must be produced entirely by mechanical meanswithout the use of any solvents, and under temperatures that will not degrade the oil.It's not easy to produce extra virgin olive oil. A producer must use fresh olives in good condition and monitor every step of the process with great care. Extra virgin olive oil doesn't stay that way: Even in perfect storage conditions, the oil will degrade over time, so it's important to enjoy it within its two-year shelf life.Fresh, high-quality extra virgin olive oils contain more nutrients and will provide far more of the famous health benefits liquid gold is known for. The best olive oils are pure, healthful, functional foods that can help protect against a myriad of diseases - truly worth their weight in gold.

    Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil blind trying: We did it with 4 oils of our collection: Empeltre gourmet. Empeltre "Antigo" (new collection early compilation) Ecological Arbequina Gourmet Arbequina "Envero" (new collection early compilation) and Juan Barbacil contributed 6 more brands. After doing an exhaustive trying of 10 oils in the gastronomic space of Door Cinegia (Zaragoza), 4 virgin oils worked out winning extras: the two of the new collection OleaZara (Antigo and Envero), another arbequina of Tarragona and another empeltre of Aragon. For OleaZara it is a great recognition that Juan Barbacil has possessed us to do a trying blindly, since being a privilege to possess Juan's experience is a great recognition and a step more that of 10 oils, 4 are the chosen ones for him and 2 of them are ours. We want to be a modal in Aragon doing oils of a quality Premium to announce for the world our oils OleaZara with a rather Gourmet style. So proud of it

    First Cold Pressing

    Ideal point of maturity

    Sensory fruity



    Early Harvesting

  • Once the olive is recollected, we immediately transport it to the mill in 2 hours, from the tree to being processed into extra virgin olive oil, avoiding any oxidation.

    The extraction is 100% in cold, first press.Supervising to the minimal detail to obtain the authentic olive juice and ensuring the conservation of all of the orgaleptic propertiesremain intact and the maximum of the Polyphemus that portray the antioxidants and cardio healthy substances that are extraordinarily healthy.

    After the extraction in cold, it is deposited in stainless steel barrels, regulating temperature, protected from light and heat from the cellar.

    Finalizing the process, we obtain one of the best extra virgin olive oils in the world. Its colorvibrant and the smell and flavor much more intense. Tasting it is a real pleasure for the senses.

  • Extra virgin olive oilOleazara EmpeltreExtra Virgin olive Oil "Empeltre" variety Capacity: 500 m.l.HEART HEALTHY PRODUCTHarvest period, early first half of October.Cold extraction with careful selection of the olives.Rating superior selected olives at their ripest.First press.

    Extra virgin olive oilOrganic agriculture Arbequina varietyCapacity: 500 ml.HEART HEALTHY PRODUCTHarvest period, early first half of October.Cold extraction with careful selection of the olives.Rating superior selected olives at their ripest.FIRST PRESSING

    GOLDLIS is a Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil, for which we select the best olives of our best olive groves.100% COLD PRESSING HARVEST PERIOD HAS BEEN AWARDED PRESTIGE GOLD IN JERUSALEM (ISRAEL)in Terraolivo Competition. One of the most famous competitions in the world of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and fourth in the contest Oleo Premiun 2015.

    EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OILARBEQUINA VARIETY(Kosher Certification)Extra virgin olive oil, with an average-to-high fruitiness. Smooth with a bitter and low-medium spiciness, reminiscent of vegetables, especially tomatoes and artichoke, as well as bananas and nuts, especially almonds.100% cold press FIRST PRESSING.

    The delicate and handmade treatment as well as the careful cleanliness during the entire extraction process and the later bottling in attractive and original glass bottles give as a result an olive oil that preserves a perfect balance in the organoleptic properties (fruity, bitter and spicy notes, seasoned with almond essence)

    Composition: Extra Virgin olive oil, variety arbequina, 0.2g ground saffron, 0.2g of saffron threads.The oil can be presented in an elegant single case, or three units in a gift boxed, combining them as desired in different varieties and blends: extra-virgin, extra virgin gold and extra virgin saffron

    Medina Saffron Antigo Goldlis Nesham Medina Gold Envero

    Here you can read the Extra Virgin Oil

    names now showed (in order).

    You can also notice close to the

    bottle the international premiums

    awarded from the EXVOO and its

    reached recogniztion.

    We have the pleasure to inform you

    that they are 0.5 L each, but you can

    find 3L and 5L packings, according

    to your needs. Special packings for

    gifts and Events.

    You keep us waiting for your

    suggestions and comments.


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