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An overview of eportfolios with discussions including how they could be used in higher ed, tools (such as google sites), and more.


  • 1. ExploringeportfoliosRobin Fay,rfay@athenstech.edu@georgiawebgurlhttp://tinyurl.com/atceportfolio

2. Learning Outcomes Discussion of the types and purposes of e-portfolios. Examples of artifacts (items) to be includedin a student portfolio. Components of a portfolio designed toassess student learning that results Examples of tools to create eportfolios. What others are doing Resources 3. What is a Portfolio a collection of work demonstratingachievement or improvement (RickStiggins, 1994) a story (narrative): A portfolio is the story ofknowing. Knowing about things. . .Knowing oneself. ..Knowing an audience. . . Portfolios are students ownstories of what they know, why they believe they know it,and why others should be of the same opinion. Aportfolio is opinion backed by fact. . .Students prove whatthey know with samples of their work (Paulson &Paulson, 1991) 4. What is a Portfolio?A portfolio is a purposeful collection of artifacts to demonstrate effort,progress and achievement. Within an educational setting a portfolio can beprepared in the context of a course, a program, or an institution; the authorof the portfolio can be the student, a faculty member, an administrator, or anorganization (depart, program, etc.); and the purpose of the portfolio may bedevelopmental, evaluative, and/or representative.With the ever increasing use and advancement of technology, the electronicportfolio (ePortfolio) is emerging as a viable option to the traditional paperportfolio.(Knott, Wolfe, Muffo, Mallikarjunan, Loganathan, Lohani, Paretti, Griffin,Adel , 2005, American Society for Engineering Education article, UsingElectronic Portfolios in a Large Engineering Program) 5. Discussion:Do you use eportfolios? If not, howcould you use portfolios? 6. Portfolios can be used for:Program and/or graduation requirementsCompetency complianceProfessional credentialsfor certificationEmploymentShowcase of workCV or examples of professional workA combination? 7. Different types of portfoliosTeaching Portfolio:This portfolio is most used by students within education fields orprofessionals within those fields. It often includes teachingdocumentation (lesson plans, learning objects, etc.)Academic Portfolio:Commonly used in k-12 and higher education environments as a virtualbinder to house completed work; some portfolios contain onlyselected work for public viewing, while others contain all work to date.Academic portfolios can be the foundation for a professional (career)portfolio which includes resumes and other career related information. 8. Different types of portfoliosAssessment Portfolio:Illustrates how a student has met specific standards andlearning outcomesCareer Portfolio:Commonly used in professional work; does not includework in progress but may contain samples of work,resumes, and other relevant job application information 9. Developing a portfolio process Decide what type of portfolio - plan Get buyin Evaluate software Put together training materials Promote Evaluate 10. Five Stages to Building an ePortfolio:Stage One (the scope) What type of portfolio? What types of items need to be included? Isthere a mandatory list? Who will support the process? How will it be used and by whom? Who will review? What is the goal of the portfolio? Who is the target audience? Will the students take it with them aftergraduation? If so, how? Buy-in from faculty and organization 11. Discussion:What resources do you have that would be of use with eportfolios? 12. Five Stages to Building an ePortfolio:Stage One (the scope) Design and Plan the Portfolio Select the software to use File formats Copyright/Licensing Locally hosted or web (cloud based) Private vs. public Review process? Templates ? Training materials? Support 13. Five Stages to Building an ePortfolio:Stage Two (collection) Student collects artifacts File formats Copyright/Licensing Private vs. public Review process Rubrics? Templates ? Where do they house their artifacts - in a LMS?dropbox? or is their portfolio for assessment 14. Five Stages to Building an ePortfolio:Stage Three Student selects artifactsWhat criteria? File formats Copyright/Licensing Private vs. public Templates? Contextual information? Where do they house their selected artifacts - in aLMS? dropbox? or is their portfolio for assessment 15. Five Stages to Building an ePortfolio:Stage Four: Build & finalize Student puts together portfolio using establishedcriteria and designated softwareWhat criteria? File formats Copyright/Licensing Private vs. public Templates? 16. Five Stages to Building an ePortfolio:Stage Five: Share (and maintenance) Student publishes (makes public) portfolio andshares across appropriate networks What happens when student graduates/leaves? 17. Student portfolio process(overview) Collect artifacts Reflect Select /curate artifacts Organize Build using software Publish (Promote) Share (Promote) Maintain * Assessment (Assessment portfolio) 18. Stages in eportfolio development(Asdefined by Helen Barrett) Stage One: Define context and goals Stage Two: Collect artifacts and design Stage Three: Select specific artifacts andreflect Stage Four: Organize artifacts andfinalize portfolio Stage Five: Package portfolio andpresent to appropriate audience 19. Example of items in anassessment portfolio Learner goals Curriculum standards Guidelines forselecting materials Work samples Teacher feedback Self-reflection Criteria forevaluating workRubrics!Teachers trackachievement and studentsknow expectationsSimple rubric toolwww.uen.org 20. Example of items in an career /professional portfolio Samples of work / writing samples Resume Professional bio Contact information Project examples Skill statement (Qualifications) Letters of recommendation Links to papers or other publishedmaterial 21. Tools for creating eportfolios Powerpoint Websites/webspace Blogs like blogger and wordpress Portfolio software Google sites * Optimalresume and other resume sites(linkedin, etc. ) 22. Discussion:How do eportfolios fit in with your organization? 23. Examples of eportfolios ATCs Portfolio Pilot Project http://tinyurl.com/atceportfolio Helen Barretts website: http://electronicportfolios.com/portfolios.html Elementary and High School Video Examples: http://www.ideasconsulting.com 5th and 7th grade examples: http://essdack.org/port/examples.html Jared Covilis IDET portfolio: http://home.utah.edu/~jjc03270


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