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  1. 1. Description of the various forms of Indian art paintings 1
  2. 2. Massive collection of Indian art paintings are showcased in art galleries throughout the world. As India has various traditions and cultures, Indian traditional paintings can also be further classified into domains. 2 Introduction
  3. 3. India was earlier known as The Golden Bird. Foreign troops like Mughals, Turks, Persians, British, etc. have migrated here for expanding their rule on enriched land of India. They left their prominent marks in India which led to the varied Indian traditions and Indian art. 3 Why varied traditional paintings exist in India?
  4. 4. Any Indian art gallery you visit will display beautiful range of art pieces depicting distinguished traditions. Every painting has a theme or story to tell. Stories relating to epic deities like Lord Krishna, Lord Shiva, Gautam Buddha have been portrayed. The artist tries to express a hidden feelings or an exceptional story which makes it appealing. 4 The beauty of Indian art
  5. 5. 5 Art Indian
  6. 6. Cave paintings or wall paintings are the earliest forms of art work in the world. Earlier explored in Europe, these paintings have been exhibited in various parts of India. Barbara caves, Ajanta and Ellora caves are a few examples of murals exhibiting Them. 6 Have you ever visited places to know the art of Cave paintings?
  7. 7. Most of cave paintings embrace the images of animals like cow, horses, deer, etc. Traces of human hand stencils and abstract styles have also been obtained. Indian caves usually depict Buddhist culture. A special technique was used to engrave the ceiling so the stones do not fall over workers below. 7 Themes of Cave paintings
  8. 8. Mughal dynasty had a long reign in India. This has been reflected on Indian art. They were generally miniature paintings and reflected Persian art. But their last ruler Aurangzeb did not pay attention to this art which led to uprising of Rajput paintings. 8 Art of Mughal Paintings
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  10. 10. Rajputs ruled in major parts of Rajasthan during the Mughal dynasty too. The schools of Rajput paintings had a strong influence of Mughal designs due to this reason. Amber, Bikaner, Jaipur had such schools. Whereas, Mughal dominance was avoided in the paintings of Mewar schools. 10 Mughal influence on Rajput art
  11. 11. south Indian paintings originated in Mysore, Karnataka. These paintings were elegant and paid attention to detail. Hybrid colors were embraced in them. The theme revolves around Hindu mythology. These paintings are now used in many festivities of India. You can find beautiful Mysore paintings in markets gallery or at any art gallery online. 11 Prominence of Mysore Paintings in South
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  13. 13. What is the technique used in astonishing Mysore Paintings? 13
  14. 14. Various stages are involved in its making. Cartridge sheet is pasted on a wooden base and it is together used as base for the painting. Then, image is sketched on this base. A paste called gesso paste is made which is a mixture of Zinc oxide and Arabic gum. To give a slightly uplifted effect to some parts of painting, a very thin and fine brush is used. It is then allowed to dry. For the rest of painting muted watercolors are brought to use. 14
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  16. 16. They evolved in a small village Maithili, Maharashtra. Themes again included the stories Hindu Gods along with scenes of royal courts and weddings. The empty spaces in the paintings are generally filled by using images of flowers, animals, birds, etc. and sometimes few geometrical designs. 16 Madhubani Paintings of Maithili
  17. 17. To have a classy and elegant collection, one should not miss out on paintings which have portrayal of the distinguished traditions. These days you can find diversified collection of art paintings according to their category with just one click on any art gallery online. 17 Why an art lover should buy Indian paintings?
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