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Expert tips on flower decoration for your wedding venueThere are numerous ways to decorate the wedding venue, but no other method can beat the beauty and charm of fresh flowers. A wedding venue dressed with twinkling lights and beautiful, fragrant flowers; while guests and the happy wedding couple wander the beautiful rooms can make your wedding look like a fairytale wedding. Here are some ideas you can use to decorate your wedding venue with flowers, brought to you by Aghareed by Lafayette Weddings-the one stop destination for all sorts of wedding arrangements in Dubai.Seek help Meet at least three florists before you decide anything about your flower decorations. Florists know the flowers well and they have done flower decorations for events many times before. Also, they know which flowers will cost you less and yet look beautiful. This guidance is extremely helpful if you are unsure about the choice of flowers.Keep the theme in mindIt is very important to make sure that your choices and decisions revolve around the theme that you choose for your wedding. For example: for a particular color decor theme, you need to be really careful while choosing the flower colors, suggest the expert planners for weddings in Dubai.Choose seasonal flowersThe most important thing that you have to keep in mind is the season. Try to choose as many seasonal flowers as possible. This will help you have the best decorations at reasonable prices.Choose wedding flowers according to your wedding dressAlways tell your florist the color of dress you are going to be wearing on your wedding day. This way, the florist can suggest bouquet styles that are complementary in terms of size, color and grandeur. Wedding decorations done in this manner will make your photographs look stunningly beautiful.Talk to your floristWhen you've finally committed to a florist, set up a second meeting to finalize the details of your order, in terms of the specific types of flowers that will be used, as well as the colors, style or composition, and quantity.Decorating your wedding venue does not have to be stressful, all you need is thorough research, some careful planning or expert tips from Aghareed by Lafayette Weddings-the leading company for wedding planning services such as wedding venue, wedding photography, bridal dresses, wedding invitations and wedding accessories in Dubai.To know more about the company, visit-