expert cataloging solutions - oclc .expert cataloging solutions streamline expedite. ... musical

Expert Cataloging Solutions - OCLC .Expert Cataloging Solutions Streamline Expedite. ... musical
Expert Cataloging Solutions - OCLC .Expert Cataloging Solutions Streamline Expedite. ... musical
Expert Cataloging Solutions - OCLC .Expert Cataloging Solutions Streamline Expedite. ... musical
Expert Cataloging Solutions - OCLC .Expert Cataloging Solutions Streamline Expedite. ... musical
Download Expert Cataloging Solutions - OCLC .Expert Cataloging Solutions Streamline Expedite. ... musical

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  • Contract CatalogingCataloging solutions for libraries of any size


    Expert CatalogingSolutions



  • Contract Cataloging services solve your librarys cataloging challenges. We help you optimize your collection, manage your resources and provide improved service to your users. When you contract with OCLC Contract Cataloging, you partner with the most experienced cataloging professionals available today. Its like instantly adding a team of experts to your staffexperts who care about your collection as much as you do.

    Arabic Belarusian Bosnian Bulgarian Chinese Church Slavic Croatian Czech English French

    German Greek (Classical) Greek (Modern) Hebrew Italian Japanese Latin Macedonian Middle English

    Moldovan Persian/Farsi Polish Portuguese Romanian Russian Serbo-Croatian (Serbian) Slovak

    Slovene/Slovenian Spanish Swedish Turkish Ukrainian Vietnamese Yiddish

    Ask us about cataloging for additional languages.

    Cataloging in 30+ languages

    We can provide cataloging in these languages:

    We also can catalog a wide range of special, nonbook formats:

    DVDs CDs videos photographs musical scores sound recordings digital music files maps serials

    electronic resources computer files digital collections and more

    Solutions that save time and resourcesTheres truth to the adage, If a user cant find it, the item isnt really there. The fact is, if your holdings arent cataloged properly, or theyre missing from the OPAC, theyre all but invisible to your users. And that means a diminished return on the investment youve made in your librarys collection.

    OCLC Contract Cataloging services help you solve cataloging challenges while dramatically improving your service to users.

    Contract Cataloging is much more than a single serviceit is a collection of expert, interdisciplinary capabilities that are brought together according to your needs.

    Our solutions are designed for your library, whether you need ongoing cataloging support or help with special materials. We work quickly, cost-effectively and with little to no impact on your librarys daily operations and staff allocation.

    Whats more, our cataloging professionals have extensive experience implementing cataloging projects for public, academic and special libraries of all sizes. The variety and extent of their cataloging experience translates into high-quality records for your collection.

    This brochure gives just a glimpse into what we can do for you. Contact us for a library needs assessment and to see whats possible:

    Faster turnaround Our new technology incorporates more automation and streamlined workflows. In fact, many of the cataloging tasks that traditionally have been completed manually can now be accomplished faster and more efficiently through automation. This lowers your project costs and puts new materials on the shelf faster than ever.

    Nonbook and non-English materials

    Dont let unfamiliar formats or languages create a backlog in your library. We catalog in more than 30 languages and all formats, including DVDs, musical scores, maps and electronic resources.

    More metadata, more often The cataloging you receive from OCLC will be delivered to your specifications, as quickly and efficiently as possible. To help speed the cataloging process and stretch your budget, you may consider options like abbreviated and minimal-level original cataloging, no local editing and automated copy cataloging.

    Contract cataloging A better way to manage your current workload

  • Contract Cataloging supports university librarys changing service goals

    Member Story

    Streamlined workflows save money Whether you need full- or abbreviated-level original cataloging, copy cataloging with minimal edits, record enhancement services or a combination of services, our contract cataloging options are more affordable due to streamlined workflows. Our staff works with you to recommend how these options can best meet your needs and help your library save money.

    While OCLC is cataloging our standard and not-so-standard

    materials, our staff are working on the materials of local value.

    Robin Fradenburgh, Associate Director, Technical Services University of Texas at Austin Libraries

    Library users help identify opportunities during challenging times SITUATION: Rick Anderson at the University of Utahs J. Willard Marriott Library believes that listening carefully to users is what best provides opportunities for libraries during turbulent times. To start this process, he has a few simple questions:

    Who are our primary constituents? What problems are we solving for them? How do we know if were solving those problems? Which of our processes and practices have the most impact on our

    patrons, and which ones have the least? The more we ask ourselves those kinds of questions, the more opportunities well findboth opportunities to do more of some things, and to do less of others, says Anderson, Associate Director for Scholarly Resources and Collections.

    And though the answers to those questions may be different from institution to institution, I think the questions are the same regardless of your financial or organizational environment.

    A few years ago, leaders at the Marriott Library faced some difficult choices due to budget cuts. Answering the questions above and listening to their users led them in some new directions:

    Outsourcing more of the traditional, MARC-based cataloging and physical processing;

    Buying fewer books on a speculative basis and instead using patron-driven acquisition models when possible;

    Making eBooks the default format when possible.

    SOLUTION: According to Anderson, the Marriott Library accomplished the first goal in two ways: by getting virtually all of the books it buys from its primary vendor shelf-ready, and by arranging for the remainder (along with most books from secondary vendors) to be sent directly to OCLC for cataloging and processing, after which the books are sent to the library.

    Were accomplishing the second and third goals by being as strategic as we can in managing our sharply reduced collections budget. This means buying fewer bookspartly in order to protect our subscriptions and databases, partly because our circulation statistics are dropping

    drastically, and partly because our patrons only seem to use roughly half of the books we select for them, says Anderson.

    OCLC provides the Marriott Library with MARC cataloging through its Contract Cataloging service, which includes physical processing (spine labels, property stamps, barcodes, security strips, etc.) for books and music scores in both English and foreign languages in both Latin and non-Latin alphabets.

    Anderson explains that this takes most of the traditional MARC-based cataloging out of the hands of a significant number of staff and librarians in technical services. These staff and librarians are being trained to use OCLCs CONTENTdm Digital Collection Management Software, enabling their time to be redirected toward the description and processing of unique digital materials, of which the library has extensive unprocessed collections.

    The goal is to do less of what others can do for us so that we can do more of the work that only we can dowork that requires local expertise or access to unique materials that are only available on-site, says Anderson.

    Anyone can catalog a 1995 edition of A Prayer for Owen Meany, but only someone on the Marriott Library staff can work with one of our unique pioneer diaries.

    RESULT: The budget cuts at the Marriott Library didnt prompt the decision to expose digital materials, notes Anderson; access to digital materials was a goal expressed long ago. But staff reallocation made the decision to outsource easier, and it freed up cataloger time that was then redirected toward improving access to the librarys digital collections.

    Anderson offers this advice: Dont take your importance for granted. When the budget is cut, take every opportunity both to talk and to listen. Talk publicly and frequently, to individuals and groups, about the fantastic things your library has been doing and can continue to do; mention the things youre cutting back on, but always frame those comments in the context of how wonderful the services have always been and still are.

    Dont ask them how the library can help themknowing how the library can help them is your job, not theirs. Just get them to talk about the barriers theyre encountering, and then figure out how the library can help them surmount those barriers.

  • BenefitsEnhance resource sharing by making your entire collection available online

    Improve circulation by giving users online access to all of your bibliographic records

    Increase access to your valuable collection

    Free your catalogers for higher priority tasks

    Clear your backlog and keep ongoing cataloging current

    FeaturesThe most experienced catalogers available

    High-quality OCLC-MARC records

    Cataloging for materials in more than 30 languages

    Expert special handling of your valuable materials

    Outstanding service and a commitment to satisfaction

    Lower cost and higher hit-rate with WorldCat

    Physical processing for cataloging projects

    Related ServicesWorldCat Cataloging Partners provides cataloging records as you purchase new items

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    Contract Catalogingat a glance

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