EXPERIENCES. OF A LIFETIME. FOR A Artist’ Village Prarthana Drive-in Theatre Injambakkam Easers Hotel…

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<ul><li><p>EXPER IENCES.</p><p>OF A LIFETIME.</p><p>FOR A LIFETIME.</p><p>A </p><p>PRO</p><p>DU</p><p>CT </p><p> info</p><p>@tr</p><p>isys</p><p>com</p><p>.com</p></li><li><p>DisclaimerFurniture and accessories shown in the document are not a par t of the standard offering. Please check detailed specif ications for standard offering.</p><p>The information and materials contained or referred to in this document are for reference only. Ref lection makes no representation or warranty of any kind, express, implied or statutory,regarding this document or the materials and information contained or referred to in each page associated with this document. The information and materials contained in this document aresubject to change without notice and are provided for general information only.</p><p>Ref lection accepts no liability and will not be liable for any loss or damage arising directly or indirectly (including special, incidental or consequential loss or damage) from your use of this document,howsoever arising, including any loss, damage or expense arising from, but not limited to, any defect, error, imperfection, fault, omission, mistake or inaccuracy with this document, its contentsor associated services, or due to any unavailability of the document or any par t thereof or any contents or associated services. References in this document to any products, events or servicesdo not necessarily constitute or imply Ref lections endorsement or recommendation of them.</p></li><li><p>THE HUG OF BREEZE.</p><p>THE SIGHT OF BLUE.</p><p>THE SCENT OF LAVENDER.</p><p>THE THER APY OF GREEN.</p><p>THE MUSIC OF SILENCE.</p><p>THE LUXURY OF LEISURE.</p><p>THE CONVENIENCE OF PROXIMITY. </p><p>FOR LONG, THIS WAS ONLY FICTION. </p><p> NO LONGER. AT REFLECTION, YOU WILL BE ABLE TO SAVOUR THESE </p><p>FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE .</p></li><li><p>THE OR IENT COMES HOME.</p><p>THE OR IENT REPRESENTS ONE OF THE MOST EXOTIC</p><p>RESIDENTIAL LIFESTYLES . </p><p>THE IDYLL OF PHUKET. </p><p>THE CULTURE OF BALI . </p><p>THE COMFORTS OF SINGAPORE. </p><p>AT CHENNAI , WE BR ING ALL OF </p><p>THESE TOGETHER. AT REFLECTION.</p><p>F INALLY , YOU WONT BE OPENING THE CONDE NAST TR AVELLER TO SEE OTHER PEOPLE S HOMES . </p><p>BUT YOUR OWN.</p></li><li><p>HOME. GARDEN. LANDSCAPING.</p><p>IN THE OR IENT, HOME IS NOT JUST WALLS, FLOOR AND CEILING.</p><p>IT IS THE GARDEN AS WELL. </p><p>IN THE OR IENT, GARDEN IS NOT JUST A PATCH WITH TREES AND</p><p>FLOWERS. IT IS A BALANCE OF ALL NATUR AL ELEMENTS.</p><p>IN THE OR IENT, THIS BALANCE OF ALL NATUR AL ELEMENTS IS</p><p>NOT JUST AN AESTHETIC DIMENSION. </p><p>IT IS AN OPPORTUNITY TO MERGE WITH NATURE.</p><p>With Gatefold</p></li><li><p>REFLECTION. SPR AWLING ACRES. SELECT FAMILIES. MORE ACRE PER FAMILY THAN PROBABLY ANYWHERE IN INDIA.</p></li><li><p>NEXT DOOR.</p><p>AT REFLECTION, YOU WILL BE ABLE TO LUXUR IATE </p><p>IN THE BEST OF WHAT OR IENTAL EXCELLENCE HAS TO OFFER.</p><p>WITHOUT LEAVING THE CITY. </p><p>BECAUSE REFLECTION PROPOSES AN OUT-OF-THE-WORLD</p><p>EXPER IENCE AT AN IN-CITY LOCATION. </p><p>EAST COAST ROAD. </p><p>ON A SCENIC CHENNAI-TO-PONDICHERRY DR IVE. REFLECTION HAS BEEN CONCEIVED AROUND </p><p>THIS PROFOUND WISDOM OF THE AGES.</p><p>COMPR ISING THE SEA. THE NATUR AL LAGOONS. </p><p>A LARGE CENTR AL WATER BODY. </p><p>HUGGING GARDENS. ADEQUATE TREE COVER. </p><p>OR IENTAL FLOWERS. </p><p>THE CHEMISTRY OF SIGHT AND SMELL. </p><p>THE COMPLETE MAGIC.</p><p>Sprawling v il las | Luxur y sk y homes | High-end bou t ique resor t </p></li><li><p>With Gatefold</p></li><li><p>Per umale</p><p>r i Road</p><p>Kadampadi</p><p>To T</p><p>hirukhazhukundrum</p><p>To G. S. T</p><p>VandaloreKelam</p><p>bakkam R</p><p>oad</p><p>Siruseri</p><p>Polaris</p><p>Sholinganallur</p><p>Accenture</p><p>Wipro</p><p>TCS</p><p>C T</p><p> S</p><p>To Adyar</p><p>To Adyar</p><p>To Old Mahabalipur m RoadTo Old Mahabalipur m Road</p><p>Kelambakkam</p><p>Hiranandani U</p><p>pscale</p><p>Kanathur</p><p>MG</p><p>M</p><p>Uthandi</p><p>VGP</p><p>Cholam</p><p>andalA</p><p>rtistV</p><p>illage</p><p>PrarthanaD</p><p>rive-inT</p><p>heatre</p><p>Injambakkam</p><p>Easers Hotel</p><p>Vilangarai</p><p>Palavakkam</p><p>Kottivakkam</p><p>RM</p><p> Hospital</p><p>R.T</p><p>. Office</p><p>Temple</p><p>Tiruvanmiyur</p><p>C T</p><p> S</p><p>TCS</p><p>Infosys</p><p>Satyam Satyam Jain Engg College</p><p>Adyar</p><p>Toll Plaza</p><p>Mu t tukaduBoa t House</p><p>Mayajaal</p><p>B A Y O F B E N G A L</p><p>Kalaigrar Karunanidhi Ro</p><p>ad</p><p>Ro</p><p>ad</p><p>Pooncherr y</p><p>Per iyanemveli</p><p>Thiruvidanthai</p><p>E. T. L</p><p>Life LineH</p><p>ospital</p><p>To A</p><p>irport</p><p>Pallavaram</p><p> Bye-pass R</p><p>oad</p><p>Sathyabama </p><p>Deem</p><p>ed University</p><p>Meda</p><p>vakkam R</p><p>oad</p><p>To Pondicherr y 96 km</p><p>TollP laza</p><p>To Mahab</p><p>alipuram</p><p>Eas t Coas t Road Eas t Coas t Road</p><p>GRT</p><p> Hotel</p><p>Mahabalipuram</p><p>Kovalam</p><p>Olym</p><p>pia Panache</p><p>Olym</p><p>pia Opaline</p><p>Crocodile B</p><p>ank</p><p>Upcom</p><p>ing five starH</p><p>otel &amp; R</p><p>esort</p><p>TajFishermansCove</p><p>N</p><p>JUST TWO KM FROM THE TAJ FISHERMANS COVE. </p><p>10 MINUTES FROM MAYAJAAL. </p><p>10 MINUTES FROM THE SIRUSER I SIPCOT IT PARK. </p><p>5 MINUTES FROM OLD MAHABALIPUR AM ROAD (OMR) ,</p><p>CHENNAI S EMERGING CENTR AL BUSINESS DISTR ICT. </p><p>CLOSE TO WHERE MOST LARGE REALTY DEVELOPERS HAVE</p><p>ALREADY ESTABLISHED VISIBLE PROPERTIES .</p><p>BECAUSE THIS IS WHERE THE CITY OF CHENNAI IS MOVING. </p><p>IN MORE SENSES THAN ONE.</p></li><li><p>IDEAL CHENNAI HOME.</p><p>Some people want to escape urban noise. </p><p>Other s want to live in acres of garden greens.</p><p>Some people want a shor ter commute to their workplace.</p><p>Other s want to enjoy the sea breeze on their way home.</p><p>Some people want to live near the clean air of the sea. </p><p>Other s want to live where the ci t y is moving.</p><p>Ref lec tion. Finally, a home tha t br ings you all these and more. </p><p>Ideal for expa tr ia tes. Indus tr ialis ts. Businessmen. High-end</p><p>professionals. Senior execu tives. Celebr i t ies. The r ich. The</p><p>famous. The whos who.</p></li><li><p>VILLAS </p><p>ELEGANCE EXEMPLIFIED</p><p>Par ty lounge plus garden on the ground</p><p>f loor. To make enter taining an experience</p><p>for guests.</p><p>Family area with garden on the f irs t level.</p><p>To enhance a unique bungalow-like feel</p><p>from a height. </p><p>Master bedroom with a natural shower</p><p>area. So that you may experience the</p><p>magic of nature while soaking under an</p><p>open sky.</p><p>Enter tainment area and garden </p><p>on the second level. An oppor tunity </p><p>to host a par ty at a height without </p><p>losing the ear thy feel of the garden.</p><p>Indoor conveniences with option of</p><p>personal plunge pool (in pool villas). </p><p>To capture the essence of s tylish living. </p><p>A villa that resembles a 20 f t ceiling</p><p>mansion in select places. To hang a</p><p>gli t ter ing chandelier that immediately</p><p>captures the at tention of the visi tor.</p><p>HEADY COCKTAIL . FOR LIFE .</p><p>REFLECTION COMBINES</p><p>LUXURY WITH LUXURY. </p><p>SITE PLAN</p><p>SKY HOMES </p><p>DREAM-LIKE. </p><p>FINALLY A REALITY</p><p>Spaciousness outside. Plus spaciousness</p><p>inside. To reinforce pr ivacy and exclusiveness. </p><p>Master bedrooms with spaciousness</p><p>equivalent to most complete ci ty apar tments.</p><p>To emphasise a feeling of grandeur.</p><p>Pleasing apar tment inter iors with a lagoon-</p><p>plus-sea view. So that you can unwind</p><p>through sight. </p><p>Apar tments with a resor t-like deck, sky</p><p>garden, plunge pool and barbeque pits. So</p><p>that you never know where the club ends</p><p>and home begins.</p><p>Regis tered with Indian Green Building Council Targeting the coveted PLATINUM rating</p><p>N</p><p>D1 VILLA - DULCET 1</p><p>D1A VILLA - DULCET 1a (with pool)</p><p>D2 VILLA - DULCET 2</p><p>D2A VILLA - DULCET 2a (with pool)</p><p>D3 VILLA - DULCET 3</p><p>S1 VILLA - SCINTILLA 1</p><p>S1a VILLA - SCINTILLA 1a (with pool)</p><p>S2 VILLA - SCINTILLA 2</p><p>S2A VILLA - SCINTILLA 2a (with pool)</p><p>S3 VILLA - SCINTILLA 3</p><p>S4 VILLA - SCINTILLA 4</p><p>I1 VILLA - INGLENOOK 1</p><p>I2 VILLA - INGLENOOK 2</p><p>VILLAS</p><p>1 LORRAINE</p><p>2 ELDORIS</p><p>3 SEA SHELLS</p><p>4 NEBULA</p><p>APARTMENTS</p></li><li><p>EXPERIENCE THE EXPERIENCE.</p><p>Step out of the bedroom into your pr ivate swimming pool.</p><p>Exclusively for your spouse, moon and s tars.</p></li><li><p>Float in your pr ivate swimming pool, </p><p>sip a dr ink, f loat with Beethoven (or MS Subbalakshmi), </p><p>gaze into the Bay of Bengal and contemplate deep philosophy </p><p>with a new-found clar i ty.Step into your natural bath. Save water. Shower in the rain. </p></li><li><p>Sink a ten foot put t in our golf put ting course.</p><p>When guests drool over the sea view from your villa, whisper </p><p>Let me get the smelling sal ts handy as you lead them gently </p><p>to the lagoon view.</p></li><li><p>Drif t to the alpha as tender f ingers</p><p>collaborate with the aroma of lavender</p><p>in the high-end spa.</p></li><li><p>Skip of f ice. Work from home. Enhance productivi ty.</p><p>GET LOST. DISCOVER YOURSELF.</p></li><li><p>THERAPY BY SIGHT. WORKS. Pool facing. Lagoon facing. Sea facing. We are teasing people sillywith choice.</p><p>750 feet frontage from where residents at Ref lection will enjoy an</p><p>uninterrupted sea view.</p><p>We have the sea at one end. Eight acre lagoon within. And multiple</p><p>swimming pools across our proper ty.</p><p>These have been woven into a compelling theme by PLA, Thailand,</p><p>one of the highly respected international landscape design f irms. </p><p>Most of our villas will be centred around the lagoon and central</p><p>pool area.</p><p>Every single sky home will be either lagoon-oriented or sea-facing.</p><p>Emphasising the f irs t axiom in taking the s tress out of</p><p>contemporary living: look at something serene and you s tar t feeling</p><p>at peace. </p><p>So that even af ter a long and tir ing day, all you need to do is say</p><p>Jus t three minutes, s tep outside, soak in the sight and s tep in</p><p>refreshed. </p></li><li><p>ANCIENT SETTING. FUTURISTIC CONVENIENCES. </p></li><li><p>The splendour of what our residents see outside their homes is the way</p><p>our forefathers saw the world. </p><p>But make no mis take, the creature comfor ts inside their homes will be</p><p>the way their children will live. </p><p>All homes in Ref lection will be f i t ted with s tate-of-the-ar t automation</p><p>sys tems that integrate all electr ical and secur ity devices. </p><p>CREATING SMART HOMES. </p></li><li><p>A unique Olympia-Merlin creation </p><p>OLYMPIA GROUP. Engaged in real es tate</p><p>development in Chennai and other par ts of</p><p>the countr y. Achieved groundbreaking</p><p>industr y s tandards. Delivered projects</p><p>enjoying national and international acclaim.</p><p>OLYMPIA TECHNOLOGY PARK</p><p>Among the worlds largest LEED gold-</p><p>rated green building. 1.8 million sq.f t. home</p><p>to For tune 50 companies.</p><p>OLYMPIA OPALINE</p><p>On OMR, Chennais f irs t green residential</p><p>project.</p><p>Opaline Sky Villas, super luxury duplex</p><p>villas in the air.</p><p>OLYMPIA PANACH</p><p>High-end independent residential villas on</p><p>the main OMR.</p><p>OLYMPIA GRAND</p><p>Premium apar tments in the hear t of</p><p>growing Chennai ci ty.</p><p>MERLIN GROUP. Respected realty brand for</p><p>more than three decades. Created more</p><p>than 50 residential and commercial</p><p>complexes and township projects in</p><p>dif ferent par ts of India (including Kolkata,</p><p>Chennai, Chat tisgarh and Ahmedabad).</p><p>ACROPOLIS </p><p>A mixed use development comprising a blend</p><p>of premium retail, corporate business spaces</p><p>and a spor ts s tadium in a seamless balance. </p><p>CAMBRIDGE</p><p>A prime super luxur ious residential </p><p>26-s tor ied sky scraper with per tinent</p><p>features for the select few. </p><p>SOUTH CITY</p><p>Promoted as par t of a leading real es tate</p><p>conglomerate of East India. A ver i table</p><p>por tfolio of more than 4 million sq.f t. of</p><p>combined residential, high end mall, school,</p><p>resor t s tyle club. Es tablished South City as</p><p>one of the leading names in urban township</p><p>development.</p><p>Acropolis, KolkataOlympia Technology Park, Guindy, Chennai</p><p>Opaline Sky Villa, OMR, Chennai</p><p>Olympia Panach, OMR, Chennai</p><p>Olympia Grand, Pallavaram, Chennai</p><p>Cambridge, Kolkata</p><p>South City, Kolkata</p></li><li><p>RSP Architects Planners &amp; Engineers</p><p>A par t of RSP Group, one of the largest and widely known architectural planning</p><p>and engineer ing practices in South East Asia. RSPs ser vice por tfolio spans</p><p>architecture, master planning, electro-mechanical engineer ing, landscape and</p><p>inter ior design. The company has demonstrated i ts competence across IT parks</p><p>and campuses, SEZs, commercial, retail and enter tainment, residential townships,</p><p>healthcare and hospitali ty, industr ial and ins ti tutional. RSP focuses on cut ting-edge</p><p>and sus tainable design solutions for i ts clients. </p><p>P. Landscape Co., Ltd. (PLA)</p><p>An international landscape consultant f irm that focuses on hotels, resor ts, and</p><p>hospitali ty projects across Asia. The quali ty of i ts work is ref lected in i ts r ich track</p><p>record: The Tr ident Hil ton Gurgaon (India), Silo Evason Samui (Thailand), Isawan</p><p>Grand Hyat t Erawan (Bangkok), Hil ton Maldives Resor t &amp; Spa (The Maldives),</p><p>Oriental Bangkok (Thailand), The Oberoi (Gurgaon), JW Marr iot t (Chennai), Alila</p><p>Maldives, Six Senses Erawan Destination Spa (Phuket) as well as hospitali ty</p><p>projects in Kuwait, Oman, Hong Kong, Fiji Islands etc.</p><p>P. INTERIORS CO., LTD. (PIA)</p><p>Thailands leading inter ior design f irm with over 25 years of diverse experience in</p><p>the design and execution of pr ivate residences, hotels and resor ts, corporate</p><p>of f ices, retail spaces and public buildings.</p><p>VMW.</p><p>A leading visualization s tudio in South-East Asia. Specializes in computer graphics</p><p>imagery, animations, visual ef fects, and video production. Client base includes</p><p>organizations in China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand,</p><p>Vietnam, and the Middle-East. Specialis ts in creating renderings that ef fectively</p><p>convey the ideology behind a project by making i t appealing and comprehensive.</p><p>Not only sculpted based on the project purpose but also created with a mood and</p><p>presence that bes t captures the essence of a three-dimensional concept. </p><p>An experience as good as the people who have created i t.</p><p>At Ref lection, we are conf ident of creating an internationaloutdoorsy showpiece. Because we are working with some of thef ines t international architects and landscape design agencies.</p></li></ul>


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