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<ul><li><p>Focus your resources on the applications</p><p> Microsoft Windows 2000 and later Linux Sun Solaris</p><p> HP-UX IBM AIX Others evaluated upon request</p><p>OPERATING SYSTEM </p><p>MANAGEMENT</p><p>DATA PROTECTIONProtect your critical data from corruption or </p><p>loss with Expedients enterprise-class data backup solutions.</p><p>Support the following Operating Systems: </p><p>Disk-based backupsTape-based backups</p><p>On-site cloningDisaster Recovery</p><p>Deduplication</p><p>EXPEDIENT CAN MANAGE EVERYTHING FROM THE ELECTRICITY TO THE OPERATING SYSTEM</p><p>Public, Private, Hybrid CloudHost-to-Host Replication</p><p>Virtual Colocation Virtual Instance</p><p>Virtual On Demand</p><p>VIRTUAL/CLOUD COMPUTINGExpedients Virtual solutions utilizes industry </p><p>leading software and N+2 redundant hardware to provide a reliable foundation for your critical </p><p>business applications.</p><p>Premium Management 24x7x365 Hardware Break Fix</p><p>Premium Monitoring OS Patching</p><p>MANAGED HOSTINGReduce the overhead on your </p><p>internal IT staff so they can concentrate on your companys core business objectives.</p><p>Dedicated FirewallsDedicated Load Balancing</p><p>Dedicated Device Management10 GB Fiber Backbone w/ Burstable Bandwidth</p><p>NETWORK/CONNECTIVITYExpedient has the network management expertise to deploy solutions ranging from a simple Layer 2 </p><p>WAN to the most complex multi-tiered security implementation or custom load balancing solution.</p><p>PCI-DSS HIPAA </p><p>Safe HarborSOC Reporting</p><p>COMPLIANCENew regulations and standards are being created as information technology environments continue to contain more personal, private, and sensitive data. </p><p>Allow Expedient to assist with the internal and external audits of your critical business.</p><p>24x7x365 IDS</p><p>Biometric ScannersFirewall Application Bursatble SSL-VPN</p><p>SECURITYProtect valuable proprietary information and client </p><p>data with an industry proven security processes built upon redundant hardware platforms.</p><p>Over 270,000 total sq. ft.10 locations</p><p>UTILITYWe build redundancy into every layer of our data centers so </p><p>that you can leverage our facilities as your IT foundation.</p><p>UPSCRAC </p><p>Cooling / PowerFire Detection / Suppression</p><p>Generators</p><p>COLOCATIONWith 10 data centers in 6 cities Baltimore (x2), Boston, Cleveland (x2), Columbus (x2), Indianapolis (x2), and </p><p>Pittsburgh (x2) Expedient can provide access to the idealcomputing environment which will increase the availability of your applications. Our clients can host their computing </p><p>hardware in any of our redundant facilities.</p><p>YOUR APPS</p><p>SO YOU CAN FOCUS ON YOUR BUSINESS CRITICAL APPLICATIONS THAT DRIVE YOUR BUSINESS.</p></li></ul>