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Questions!Why move to Panama?Cost of Living, cost of retiring?Desire to try a new lifestyle?Tax savings?Politics?Only one of the above is good reason!More of the SameHave you ever lived outside of the US or Canada before? (Military does not count)Are you ready to make MAJOR changes in your life?Do you speak Spanish, are you willing to learn?Are you willing to stretch your brain?Are you economically self sufficient?ExpatsWhat you can expect, surprise!The only constant is change

Come without PreconceptionsCome without an attitude that you know anything about this culture, you dont.Come without a feeling your culture is superior, it is not.Come without thinking Panama will change to suit your needs, it wont.Come with DreamsCome with an open, receptive mindCome with a willingness learnCome with an incomeCome with a desire to change and growBe ready to do it differently

Many people leavePanama is not for everyonePanama is not for Type A peoplePanama is not static, nor is it efficientPanama is not the USA or CanadaMany People StayThis is a land of great opportunityFinancialPersonalSpiritualEmotionalCulturalA chance for a new life

It is different here

But it is not Kansas

Its better than Kansas if...

Your eyes and ears are openBe aware the laws are different, do it right the first time.Be aware that you are a target.Be aware everyone is a target, you are not special. ----Juega Vivo Be aware other expats often are doing the shooting. Trust but Verify R.R.The Culture is Rich

The Culture is Fun

Panamanians are open to new immigrantsPanama is a country of immigrantsThere has been a US influence here for 100 yearsThere are many well educated PanamaniansThere are many dual citizens hereThe country is in flux with great changesThe Canal and the City

The Interior

There is Chamber Music

and rolling concerts

Cowboy Culture and

elegance too

Canadians in El Valle

Virginians in Santa Marta

Spay and Neuter Clinic

North Americans & Panamanians

You can sing

Community Theater

Learn Folklorica

Run a Bookstore

Study the Culture

Practice Dancing

Display your art

Open a Bakery

Buy fresh foods

Discover new Foods

Eat great food

Grow your own coffee

Live on the Sea

Become a Beachcomber

Live in the mountains

Explore what man made

Explore Nature

Rerun your childhood

Hang out with new friends

just relax

or touch a life

What is the expat experienceIt is exactly what you make it.If you choose to live the same life you had, you can have it.If you choose to create a new life you can create it.Think before you leapHealthcareCost of LivingTaxes and ServicesThe LawYour reasons for making a changeAre you ready to change or should you stay in your own environmentConsider Health CareHealth Care in Panama is good, but your Medicare or Canadian coverage does not work hereThere is local private insurance but if you have pre-existing conditions ..Public Health care is not always great, but at times it is goodCost of LivingCost of living here is not lowYou can live in Mississippi for lessImports cost more hereIf you live like a local it is cheaper but you might not like the lifestyleTaxes and ServicesTaxes vary. Do not believe there are none. Services from the government are less than you might desireThis is the wild west of PanamaUS Citizens still pay US taxes, with some exemptionsThe LawPanama is a Civil Law JurisdictionSteal a Chicken go to jail, steal a million, take the judge to lunchEven if you win you may loseLawyers here cannot commit malpractice; the concept requires enforcementStay out of the legal system in PanamaDecide on your futureIf you are unhappy where you are you will not be happy hereYour personal problems come with youDo not come to escape the law or taxesDo not come for political reasonsCome to learn, grow and experience a new life