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Exotic Species

In this world contain thousands of exotic species, some which may have been imported intentionally, some accidental. Species could possibly have a negative impact, while others may be positive.Exotic species are known as species thatare accidentally or deliberately forced tomigrate to another area of which it does not belong.

Example: African Killer bees were forced to move to Brazil due to high demands ofhoney production from humans.Native Species: Species that originally live in the location are considered as this

Ecosystem: They destroy other birds and their habitat, smash their eggs and mainly kill adult blue birds.Since North Americas population is descended from birds, they decided to import them from Britain. Which they soon realized was a big mistakeAs things kept progressing, the populations ofthese species in North America increased to about 150 billion in the 1940s.In agricultural areas, the house sparrow wouldquickly deplete the source of grains and seedsThe exotic fire ants have been damaging agriculture including: live stock and cropsIt cost a hefty 175 million to wipe out 99% of the RIFA of main infestation in QueenslandThe fire ant stings require medical attention

Fire ants were not a bother until they became an exotic speciesThis species was accidentally shipped to USA from Alabama by cargo shippingEventually, they started to infest the South/South-West USA, and areas in Taiwan and Australia

This beetle became a serious threat to species residing in the deciduous hardwood trees.When larval stages occur, the ALB bores deep into a trees heartwood, where the nutrients are consumed.Consistency in the process could severely damage the treesIf the ALB becomes established, it is estimated 1.2 billion trees will be killedThey became exotic species by shipping.When cargos used to be supported by wood, the beetle would stick to it and finally be released in another area since they were poor fliers.Sea lampreys created conflict with other species (lake trout, lake whitefish, chub, lake herring)After wiping out these predators they allowed other exotic species to also grow in population which would further harm native species in that area.Sea lampreys became an exotic species due to the improvements of the Welland Canal in 1919 which allowed its spread from Lake Ontario to Lake ErieFrom there, it started gradually spreading further


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