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Exotic Rissole. Tanveer Ahmed. Mathias Fasel. Key Vocabulary. Background Info. Tanny is almost 12 years old His best friend is called Daryl or Lynchy Daryl is Australian and Tanny is Banglashian They both live in Toongabbie, a suburb in Sydney They know each other from school. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Exotic RissoleTanveer AhmedMathias Fasel

  • Key Vocabulary

    BMXBicycle ridingDivorcedOpposite of marriedCurrySouth east Asian FoodCreekIts a small riverRissolesSomething like meat ballsTurmeric pasteused for flavoring&coloring food

  • Background InfoTanny is almost 12 years old His best friend is called Daryl or LynchyDaryl is Australian and Tanny is BanglashianThey both live in Toongabbie, a suburb in SydneyThey know each other from school

  • BangladeshBangladesh is a country surrounded by India Capital is DhakaThey speak their own Language (Bengali)Their population is 161 million8th largest country in the world

  • The Main Characters

    Tanny11 year oldBangladeshi Boy Daryl11 year oldAussieBoy

  • SummaryTanny has an Australian friend called Daryl They always hang out at Tannys houseDaryl likes the Bangladeshi foodTanny wants to try Australian food (to him that is exotic) Daryl let Tanny come over to his house to try Australian food

  • Their Hobbies after schoolThey always hangout with each other and play:

    MarblesSkim rocksFrench cricketBMX

  • Culture differences

    AustralianBangladesh RissolesCurryDivorceDont DivorceAir ConditionerDont have Air ConditionerSoda stream machineDont have Soda steam machine

  • Growing ApartAfter they changed schoolThey only saw each other a few timesDaryl mother decided to move to the North Coast.After that they never saw each other again

  • QuotesI longed to taste the mouth-watering promise of his familys rissole = Tanny cant wait to try the familys rissole.I put some rissoles in sandwiches for you two. Dig in = Daryls mother Bridget wants them to eat as much as they want.She patted me on the head like my mother did to Lynchy = Tanny likes it and feels welcome in the family

  • Statement

    It is hard to find their best friend if you are from a different countryIt is hard to fit in if you have a different skin color It is hard to fit into the culture