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    DECEMBER 2017


    24/11 - 02/12TORINO FILM FESTIVAL - 35th EDITIONOne of the most important film festivals in the national and international scene, it offers a young cinema, looking at the innovation of the film language, promoting new authors and new trends: the major contests are reserved for feature films, documentaries, Italian short films and Spazio Torino.Massimo Cinema, Via Verdi 18 - Reposi Cinema, Via XX Settembre 15www.torinofilmfest.org01 - 26/12GREAT SPORTS IN TORINO01-03 International Foil Grand Prix - PalaRuffini; 10 Royal Half Marathon - Piazza Vittorio Veneto; 13, 26 EuroCup FIAT Torino Auxilium - Pala RuffiniVarious venueswww.fencingcuptorino.comwww.giroitaliarun.it - www.auxiliumpallacanestro.com01/12/2017 - 14/01/2018UNFORGETTABLE CHRISTMAS IN TORINOThe Christmas tree and the Advent Calendar in Piazza Castello, the Nativity Scene by Emanuele Luzzati at the Medieval Village, the Christmas Market in Piazza Castello, Piazza Solferino, Piazza Santa Rita and at Cortile del Maglio, the skating rink in Piazza Solferino and muche more... shows, animations, music, games, street art, sports and moments of reflection.Various venues - www.nataleatorino.it


    11/03/2017 - 15/07/2018EXHIBITIONS IN THE GREAT MUSEUMS 11/03/2017-14/01/2018 Mission Egypt 1903-1920 - Museo Egizio; 04/06/2017-08/01/2018 Bestial! Animal Film Stars - Museo Nazionale del Cinema; 07/07-03/12 Mountain labels. Commercial images; 15/09-10/12 Mountain villages. Photographic notes; 15/12/2017-03/2018 Mountains Menus; 15/12/2017-04/2018 Sestriere - Museo Nazionale della Montagna; 25/07/2017-15/07/2018 The crysanthemum and the crane; 17/11/2017-21/01/2018 The magic of clay. Islamic ceramics from the MAO storerooms; 07/12/2017-02/04/2018 Ninja and Samurai. Magic and aesthetics - MAO Museo dArte Orientale; 13/09/2017-07/01/2018 The Paparazzi are here! Photographers and stars from the Dolce Vita onwards; 11/10/2017-07/01/2018 Chronicles from the set: Paolo Sorrentinos cinema. Photos by Gianni Fiorito - CAMERA Centro Italiano per la Fotografia; 23/09/2017-21/01/2018 Japan at the GAM: 1960-1962. Tribute to Sofu Teshigahara; 23/09/2017-21/01/2018 Structures and Style exhibition at the GAM; 29/11/2017-25/02/2018 A mystery revealed. The portrait of Massimo dAzeglio - GAM Galleria dArte Moderna e Contemporanea; 28/09/2017-07/01/2018 Giacomo Grosso. A season between painting and Academy - Pinacoteca dellAccademia Albertina+Museo Accorsi-Ometto+Palazzo Madama; 04/10/2017-14/01/2018 Niki de Saint Phalle; 04/10/2017-14/01/2018 Tarot, from the Renaissance to-date - MEF Museo Ettore Fico; 05/10/2017-14/01/2018 Cinzano: from Torino to the world. A journey on the discovery of an Italian icon - Museo Nazionale del Risorgimento Italiano; 19/10/2017-28/01/2018 A day in the life of a Lady. Clothes from the Roberto Devalle Collection - Museo Accorsi-Ometto; 20/10/2017-28/02/2018 Schools as huts. Books as works of art - MUSLI Museo della Scuola e del Libro per lInfanzia; 31/10/2017-04/02/2018 Carlos Garaicoa - Fondazione Merz; 03/11/2017-25/02/2018 Letdown, Sanya Kantarovsky - Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo; 03/11/2017-25/02/2018 Paranormal. Tony Oursler vs Gustavo Rol - Pinacoteca Agnelli; 04/11/2017-14/01/2018 Like a moth to a flame - Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo+OGR Officine Grandi Riparazioni; 05/11/2017-18/03/2018 Before plants had a name. Uriel Orlow - PAV Parco Arte Vivente; 10/11/2017-28/02/2018 Black and White Times. Walter Veltroni showcases 120 years of Juventus - Juventus Museum; 24/11/2017-21/01/2018 Hit Parade - MAUTO Museo Nazionale dellAutomobileMuseums of Torino - www.turismotorino.org

    FOOD&WINE02 - 03/12A MOLE OF PANETTONI - 6th EDITIONThe showcase of the best handmade Italian pastry is in Torino to present news and sweet traditions for Christmas.Hotel Principi di Piemonte, Via Gobetti 15T. (+39) 011.6603471 - www.dettaglieventi.it10/12MARKET EXPO OF LONG SWEET LEEKOF CARMAGNOLA - 9th EDITIONExpo and sale of the long, sweet leek of Carmagnola, with tasting sessions until the supplies run out!Carmagnola - Hall Antichi Bastioni, Piazza Antichi BastioniT. (+39) 011.9724222 - www.comune.carmagnola.to.it

    EXHIBITIONS25/03/2017 - 19/02/2018EXHIBITIONS AT THE ROYAL RESIDENCES 25/03/2017-04/02/2018 The beautiful arts. The Veronese; 19/05/2017-04/02/2018 Modern sculptures; 08/07/2017-28/01/2018 Lady Diana. A free spirit; 14/07/2017-28/01/2018 Caravaggio Experience; 29/07/2017-28/01/2018 Giovanni Boldini; 07/10/2017-04/02/2018 Peter Lindbergh. A different vision on fashion photography - La Venaria Reale; 22/06/2017-14/01/2018 The white statuettes. The Royal Palace biscuit ware - Royal Museums, Savoy Gallery; 19/09/2017-07/01/2018 Anna Boghiguian; 02/11/2017-18/02/2018 Gilberto Zorio - Rivoli Castle; 04/10/2017-14/01/2018 Mir! Dream and colour - Royal Museums, Chiablese Palace; 05/10/2017-29/01/2018 Giansone. Sculptures to be worn; 12/10/2017-19/02/2018 Gianfranco Ferr. Under another light: jewellery and ornaments; 25/10/2017-05/02/2018 Giovanni da Pisa. The reconstruction of a polyptych; 01/11/2017-29/01/2018 Elisa Sighicelli. Double dream; 16/11/2017-19/02/2018 Odysseys. Diasporas, invasions, migrations, travels and pilgrimages - Madama Palace; 08/10/2017-08/01/2018 Mira Vitium Natura - Villa della Regina; 20/10/2017-18/02/2018 Luigi Serralunga. Between Symbolism and Liberty - Stupinigi Hunting Lodge Royal Residences - www.residenzereali.it

  • STREET MaRKETS03 - 17/12STREET MARKETS 03 The market of Typical Products of the Basket of the Province of Torino - Piazza CLN; 03 Antiques market - Moncalieri; 07-10, 20-23 Special show-market handmade excellence - Medieval Village; 10 Regional fair of Piedmontese beef cattle and of the giora + Mercantico of antiques - Carmagnola; 10 St. Lucia Market - Riva presso Chieri; 17 Stramercatino - San Mauro Torinese; 17 Belle Epoque Market - Venaria RealeTorino and Metropolitan area - www.turismotorino.org

    TRaDITIONS&FOLKLORE 11/11/2017 - 07/01/2018 ALL I WANT FOR XMAS IS GRUA wonderful indoor track for ice skating, the chance to meet Santa Claus, a record Christmas tree, the exciting atmosphere of gospel music, dream decorations, trains and many animations dedicated to the youngest.Grugliasco - Le Gru, Via Crea 10T. (+39) 011.7709665 - le-gru.klepierre.it25/11/2017 - 07/01/2018 THE CHRISTMAS DREAMThis year Santa Claus is in Venaria Reale: in his village there are workshops to become his aides, the elves house, an enchanted path inside a green labyrinth, circus shows, the skating rink, the toys factory, artisans and street food, the post office, the Santa Claus paratroopers.Venaria Reale - Reggia, Piazza della Repubblica 4www.ilsognodelnatale.it26/11/2017 - 07/01/2018 THE SANTAS VILLAGE AND MARKETIn the Santa Claus House, children can meet Santa Claus and his aides, write letters with gifts requests and participate in entertaining creative workshops. There is also an open skating rink opened every day and the wooden cottages where to dine and shop.Rivoli - Piazza Martiri della LibertT. (+39) 011.9561043 - www.turismovest.it01 - 10/12 CHRISTMAS IS ROYALA unique experience to live with the whole family in the enchanting Hunting Lodge wrapped in lights, colors, sounds and Christmas atmospheres. You can meet Santa Claus with his reindeer, browse through thousands of gifts, taste delicious delicacies, admire the Lego brick display of Torinos historic monuments and the magnificent mechanical nativity scene...Nichelino - Stupinigi Hunting Lodge, Piazza Principe Amedeo 7T. (+39) 328.0854406 - www.natalereale.it24/12 LIVE NATIVITY SCENE - 29th EDITIONRepresentation with hundreds of people, hot drinks for everyone and Mass celebration.Pecetto Torinese - Villa Sacro Cuore Park, Piazza della ParrocchiaT. (+39) 011.8609218 - www.comune.pecetto.to.it

    DECEMBER 2017


    Turismo Torinoe Provincia.

    Tourist Information:Contact centre (+39) 011.535181

    (Mon-Sun 9.30am-12.30pm/2.30pm-6pm)info.torino@turismotorino.org



    OPERa&SHOWS02 - 21/12LIVE MUSIC FOR EVERYONE!02 Piano Lessons: Ezio Bosso with Stradivari Festival Chamber Orchestra - OGR Officine Grandi Riparazioni; 05 Torino Beat 2017 - PalaRuffini; 07 Caparezza. Prisoner 709 Tour - Pala Alpitour; 9, 11 Depeche Mode. Global Spirit Tour - Pala Alpitour; 20 Ludovico Einaudi - Auditorium del Lingotto; 21 Samuel. The code of beauty - Hiroshima Mon Amour; 21 Biagio Antonacci Tour 2017-2018 - Pala AlpitourVarious venues - www.turismotorino.org08 - 28/12A SPECTACULAR CHRISTMAS!08 Sunshine Gospel Choir - Venaria Reale, Concordia Theatre; 09 Baroque Christmas - Caf Mller; 14-16 The nutcracker, Russian Stars & Moscow Classical State Ballet, national premiere - Nuovo Theatre; 15 Singing under the stars, Torino Musical Singers - Cardinal Massaia Theatre; 16-17 Fte de la Danse - OGR Officine Grandi Riparazioni; 17 The Nativity of Greccio, Compagnia Anima Libera - Cardinal Massaia Theatre; 17 Waiting for Christmas. Greetings in lyrical, Artists of the Regio Theatre of Torino - Pecetto Torinese, Bat Church; 18 The Harlem Gospel Choir Sings an homage to Beyonce - Colosseo Theatre; 19 Harlem Spirit of Gospel Choir - Alfieri Theatre; 22 A Christmas Carol Musical - Alfieri Theatre; 23 Christmas Concert of RAI National Symphony Orchestra - Auditorium Toscanini; 26 The Christmas of Gianduja - Casa del Teatro Ragazzi e Giovani; 26 Gelindo - Erba Theatre; 28 Beauty & The Beast on ice - PalavelaVarious venues - www.turismotorino.org 27 - 31/12A SPECTACULAR NEW YEARS EVE!27, 29-30 Vertigo Christmas Show - Grugliasco, Le Serre Theatre; 29-31 Roberto Bolle and Friends - Regio Theatre; 31 Confused love. The musical stunts of a disagreeing couple, families program with midnight toast and buffet suitable for everyone - Casa del Teatro Ragazzi e Giovani; 31 All in one night, s