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  1. 1. Work Your Body ForWork Your Body For HEALTH!!!HEALTH!!!
  3. 3. Skeletal muscle (Postural Phasic) = provides movement and balance Smooth muscles = Blood vessels. Respiratory, Gi tract autonomic control Cardiac Muscles = heart
  4. 4. Smooth Muscles autonomic controlled Sympathetic (Fight/Flight) Increase or Decrease tone Parasympathetic (Rest/Digest/Repair) Increase or Decrease tone
  5. 5. Skeletal Muscles Postural muscles = proprioception Phasic Muscles = conscious control Actin / Myosin Filaments
  6. 6. Movement = Postural and Phasic muscles Balance & Strength
  7. 7. Postural Muscles = Proprioception 1. Dorsal columns 2. Cerebellum 3. Vestibular ocular syst.
  8. 8. Autonomic Nervous system PNS (Rest Digest Repair) = Stimulates immune system, repairs tissue Increases: blood supply to gut, and all repair mechanisms _____________________________ SNS (Fight or Flight) = Keeps you alive under stress Increases: Heart rate, blood pressure, blood sugar, LDL cholesterol, stress hormones Decreases: blood supply to the gut, immune system function
  9. 9. Normal vs Distortion of Posture
  10. 10. Osteoporosis 1992 Rome Italy meeting for definition of osteoporosis World Health Organization how to diagnose and measure osteoporosis Doctors and researchers didn't even have a shared view of how osteoporosis should be defined. After 30 years old bone loss is normal so what is normal what is pathological On a gage they just drew a line on the graph Osteopenia was invented for researchers to use never was intended for a disease category Osteopenia natural thinning of the bone
  11. 11. "MY LEG JUST SNAPPED" "low impact" or "no impact" fractures occurring in women taking Fosamax long term feeling the bone break before they hit the floor. I slipped and fell, but I really felt the bone snap before I went down It was like the bone broke and that is actually what caused me to fall. A woman who was wading in water who was struck at thigh level by the wake of a small boat, causing the bone to snap.
  12. 12. Fosamax The long-term use of osteoporosis drugs known as bisphosphonates can actually weaken bones by impairing their ability to heal, leading to fractures, according to a study .from New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center From RXLIST.COM The efficacy of FOSAMAX has been established in studies of two years' duration. The greatest increase in bone mineral density occurred in the first year with maintenance or smaller gains during the second year. Efficacy of FOSAMAX beyond two years has not been studied.
  13. 13. Workout Order for optimal glucose Resistance training = 1st glucose for muscle repair Glycogen is broken to glucose. This is used to generate ATP The muscle works and requires energy in the form of ATP Aerobic 2nd = 30 min : wind sprints, bike increase / decrease resistance
  14. 14. Nutrition: Before: small meals throughout the day (green drink before workout) During: water / coconut water After: plant based protein drink (NOT SOY)
  15. 15. Muscle Tone Increased Muscles Do NOT Move the Bones the Nerves Control the Muscles Massage or Not Stretch or Not Why is the Muscle Tight 1. Check Posture (to know to stretch or not) 2. Review activity
  16. 16. Exercise the Skeletal Muscles Concentric = going towards you Eccentric = going away from you
  17. 17. Standard: 3 Sets 10-20 reps Problem = momentum is used New Slow Heavy: 1 Set 10-15 sec concentric 10-15 sec eccentric To fatigue Breathing Vital
  18. 18. Walking / Resistance Weights Resistance Bands
  19. 19. Good vs Bad Weights Ankle weights walk straight ONLY!!!
  20. 20. Shoulder Joint / Ligaments Rotator Cuff / Impingement Chin Up Palms forward 10 min
  21. 21. Bad vs Good Form
  22. 22. Bouncing With or Without Trampoline
  23. 23. Normal C3,C4,C5 Keeps you alive Side Neck Front View
  24. 24. Before After
  25. 25. Daily Activities and Poor Posture Beware of the COUCH MAGNET
  26. 26. Office workers are at high risk for nerve compression. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Headaches, and Migraines are all Cervogenic (from the Neck!!) In fact, this category of afflictions is a huge burden to both businesses & individuals.
  27. 27. Before After Headaches for 20 years Gone in 30 days
  28. 28. Office Survival Posture = Movement Vital Get Moving every Hour Drink Water Stretch
  30. 30. 14% reduction in Scoliosis in 90 days in a Patient 68 Y.O. Before After
  31. 31. Take Action Today A complete Health Check-up is $275.00 Summer Special $20 You Receive: Posture analysis Consultation Drug Search Exam X-rays (digital) Report Adjustment Procrastination is the Thief of Health!!
  32. 32. www.youtube.com Johnbchiro (subject here) Reverse Arthritis Eliminate High Blood Pressure Diabetes Reverse Cancer Correct Fibromyalgia Headaches solution Sciatica Low back pain Irritable Bowel Syndrome Infertility and dysfunction RLS Restless leg Syndrome Neuropathy Be part of the Health Renaissance
  33. 33. TheThe ChiropractiChiropracti cc AdjustmentAdjustment
  34. 34. Normal Neck Curve