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An example of a Higher Personal Study first draft - 'Under the Skin' by Michel Faber.


<p>.,'( d F- Specialist Study 1st Draft Under The Skin - Michel Faber ''Under The Skin" by Michel Faberis a powerful, bleak. tale of morality and suffering. The story centres on Isserley, a young woman with a seemingly compulsive habit of picking up well-built male hitchhikers. As the plot develops, the slightly sinister, disconcerting scenario unravels into the fantastic. Isserley is revealed to be of a race other than human - she is in fact a member of a secret society of animals, who live hidden underground. Isserley drugs the hitchers she lures into her car, and delivers them to the "farm". Here the men are kept as livestock, ultimately to be processed, transported, and sold as an exotic delicacy to the wealthy and powerful ofIsserley's homeland. The story closes with Isserley being forced to kill herself after a car accident, rather then wait for the ambulances and the inevitable discovery that she is a strange, alien creature. I intend to study the"" ways in which Isserley experiences isolation from the outside world and those around her, and the ~es Faber uses to illustrate this isolation. .' __ ~10\</p>