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  • 8/14/2019 Executive Offices Group - Virtual Offices in London: City and Midtown Portfolio


    City and Midtown Virtual Office Portfolio


    288 Bishopsgate EC2 Central Court WC2No.1 Cornhill EC3Landmark Address

    10 Fenchurch Avenue EC3 20 Garrick Street WC2

    Hudson House WC2 148 Leadenhall Street EC3 41 Lothbury EC2 15 Old Bailey EC460 Lombard Street EC3

  • 8/14/2019 Executive Offices Group - Virtual Offices in London: City and Midtown Portfolio


    Virtual OfficesCity and MidtownThe City of London often referred to as the Square Mile is a global financial powerhouse. The area is home tothe London Stock Exchange, Lloyd's of London and theBank of England, as well as more than 500 national andinternational banks. This fast paced, dynamic location istraditionally home to companies operating in the banking,insurance, legal and IT sectors. To the West of the City,

    incorporating Covent Garden, Chancery Lane andHolborn, Londons Midtown provides an ideal location forany ambitious organisation.

    Unrivalled CoverageExecutive Offices Group can provide a Virtual Officebusiness address at any of our 10 highly sought after Cityand Midtown locations. Our extensive coverage enablesus to provide an outstanding choice of Virtual Officeproducts for individuals or businesses that need arepresentative office but do not require full time officespace. In addition, a Virtual Office enables businesses to'grow' in to office space as their business plan unfolds.Whether you're a start-up business, a home-workerrequiring a city base, or an international company seekinga base in a new country, a Virtual Office can provide ahighly effective solution.

    ServicesOur Virtual Office options include Mail Handling at aLandmark or Prestigious address and Telephone

    Answering Services. Benefits include:

    A business address in a prestigious City location

    A range of high quality properties with beautiful facadesand no flags or signs on the exterior

    A highly flexible, cost effective business service

    Telephone answering by experienced professionals

    Business support services on a pay-as-you-go basis

    A transparent pricing structure and simple monthly fees

    Set up available within 48 hours A dedicated Account Manager

    For more information visit our website www.eogroup.comalternatively email enquiries@eogroup.com or telephone020 3008 8889.

    Virtual Services and Prices

    02 Telephone Answering50

    Our Telephone Answering Serviceincludes the following:

    Local London company phone andfax number (0203 prefix)

    Personalised telephone answeringservice by a professional team

    Call forwarding (up to four numbers)and screening

    Out of hours company voicemailservice

    Messages emailed to in-box Voicemail to email or SMS

    Remote voicemail pickup

    Electronic fax and fax to email

    01 Mail Handling

    Our Mail Handling services includethe use of one of our addresses foryour company stationery

    Mail can be collected or postedweekly for the cost of franking+20% handling fee

    Should you wish to have your postdelivered more frequently, anadditional charge of 25 will apply

    Should you wish to use your MailHandling address as your RegisteredOffice address an additional chargeof 10 per month will apply

    Choose one of our Landmark orPrestigious Addresses

    Landmark Address100 No.1 Cornhill EC3

    Prestigious Address50

    Choice of 9 addresses in theCity and Midtown

  • 8/14/2019 Executive Offices Group - Virtual Offices in London: City and Midtown Portfolio


    Additional ServicesWe offer a broad range of additional serviceswhich have been tailored to meet the diverseneeds of our virtual office customers.

    01 Touchdown

    Drop in to one of our dedicated touchdown areaswhen you need a quiet place to work. Touchdownprovides:

    A dedicated work area in a popular Londonbusiness centre

    West End locations: 33 St Jamess Square,23 Berkeley Square, 78 Pall Mall, 53 Davies Street,17 Cavendish Square, 18b Charles Street,4 Park Place, 42 Brook Street, 20 Garrick Street

    City and Midtown Locations: No.1 Cornhill,60 Lombard Street, 10 Fenchurch Avenue,288 Bishopsgate, Central Court, 15 Old Bailey

    SDSL internet connection

    Telephone access

    Access to a full range of business support services,including secretarial and admin support; pricesavailable on request


    Home Centre Touchdown50.00 per month(up to 5 hours per week/20 hours per month)

    Our touchdown home centre service givesyou the freedom to work at your home centre forup to 5 hours per week

    Multiple Centre100.00 (20 hours)

    Touchdown at a number of our business locationsacross London (excludes 23 Berkeley Square, 33St. Jamess Square and No.1 Cornhill)

    02 Executive Club Lounge Membership100.00 per month (per person)

    Private business lounges ideal for informalmeetings

    Access to all our prestigious business club lounges

    across London: No.1 Cornhill EC3, 33 St. James'sSquare SW1, 67 Grosvenor Street W1, CentralCourt WC2, 60 Lombard Street EC3

    Available Monday to Friday during business hours

    Newspapers and refreshments available

    03 Meeting Rooms

    A selection of professional meeting andboardrooms may be booked from as little as half anhour and are available across the whole portfolio

    A fully managed video conference service isavailable by arrangement

    Prices are available on request

    2 Hour Small Meeting Room Package 35.00 permonth (subject to availability)

    Additional Telephone Answering ServicesIf you require a more comprehensive Telephone

    Answering Service, a range of upgrades areavailable at highly cost effective rates.


    Call forwarding to 10.00additional (more than 4)numbers

    Additional direct 0203 10.00local London phonenumber and voicemailbox

    Additional direct 0203 10.00numbers (ie. additionalfax line)

    Additional direct 0207 20.00local London phone

    number and voicemailbox*

    Additional direct 0207 20.00numbers (ie. additionalfax line)

    Additional Voicemail 4.00to Email service

    Additional Voicemail 4.00to SMS service +10p

    per SMS

    * Voicemail to email or SMS are not available on 0207 numbers