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Excellent Middle Test

ExcellentMiddle TestClass CD 1Muhammad Yahya Asyari125020301111034Personal InformationName : Muhammad Yahya AsyariPlace and Date of Birth : Bojonegoro,16th November 1993Hometown: BojonegoroHobbies: Watching movies,Listening to Music,etcAddress : Jalan Kapten P Tendean No 1,Bojonegoro Email: Tendou.Asyari@gmail.com

Future CarrerGraduate with excellent score Work at one of the big fourBe a good and trusted accountantStudy abroad in Japan for my Master DegreeBecome Accountant Manager in well known CompanyFuture Wife Beauty inside outsideWoman that I love from my deepest heartGood in matter of cookingWilling to live with me when joy or sorrowA woman with initial S or D in her nameFuture KidsCute boy or girlSmart and ActiveShould be sholeh and sholehahHow to achieve my goalsStudy hard and join some organizationPray everyday and dont forget to givingAlways look up new knowledgeBe a Good PersonBe a good Father