Example ANSWER x(x+1). Example Example ANSWER 1

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<p>Adding and Subtracting Rational Expressions</p> <p>ExampleANSWER x(x+1)ExampleExampleANSWER 1Adding and Subtracting Rational ExpressionsAdvanced Math Topics</p> <p>Mrs. MongoldAdding and Subtracting Rational ExpressionsFinding Least Common Multiples and Least Common Denominators!Use prime factorization</p> <p>Example: Find the LCM of 6 and 46 = 234 = 22LCM= 223 = 12Find the LCM1. a2 6a + 9 and a2 + a -12Find the LCM2. 18r2s5, 24r3st2, and 15s3tFind the LCM 3. 12a2b4, 27ac3, and 18a5b2cFind the LCM4. p3 + 5p2 + 6p and p2 + 6p + 9Find the LCM5. q2 4q + 4 and q3 3q2 + 2qFind the LCM6. 2k3 5k2 12l and k3 8k2 +16kFind the LCM7. x3-x2 2x and x2 4x + 4Add and Subtract Rational ExpressionsSame as fractionsTo add two fractions we find the LCD, the same things is going to happen with rational expressionsExamples8. Simplify </p> <p>Examples9. Simplify</p> <p>Examples10. Simplify </p> <p>Examples11. Simplify </p> <p>Examples12. Simplify</p> <p>Examples13. Simplify </p> <p>Examples 14. Simplify </p> <p>Examples15. Simplify </p> <p>Homework</p>


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