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<p> 1. EWP TicketGallmac Training is offering the most affordable and mostenjoyable courses for mobile boom type elevated workplatform (EWP) with a boom length over 11m. Thistraining includes both the theory and practical skillsrequired for working with an EWP, as well as theknowledge and skills to operate safely in the workplace,the ability to identify and control hazards, and paperworkneeded to complete your EWP ticket. 2. We will supply all thepaperwork needed for thiscourse, including worksheets,activity books, learning guides,and a logbook (which is atraining plan), as well as boththe written and practicalassessments. We have our ownbrand new Haulotte EWP ticketand all other resources requiredfor this course available at ourtraining facility or, by previousarrangement, your workplace.EWP Ticket Program 3. Learners who complete the EWP ticket program throughGallmac Training will not only learn information relating tothe machine itself, but also how to inspect equipment such asharnesses, how to identify and control hazards and safetyprecautions for working near power-lines such as safedistances, the purpose of tiger tails and when to use a spotter.EWP Ticket Program 4. Visit us now!www.gallmactraining.com.auEWP Ticket </p>