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know about microsoft,apple,facebook,brain fingerprinting technology and sixth sense technique


<ul><li> 1. Technological innovation is indeed important for economic growth and the enhancement of human possibilities</li></ul> <p> 2. Lets know a bit about MR.MICROSOFT! At the age of 17,Bill Gates sold his first computer program i.e.TIC-TAC-TOE..a game that allowed people to play against the computer.In 1975,he started MICROSOFT with his friend Paul Allen and company won contract from IBM to provide.MS-DOS.Bill Gates earns $250 per second i.e..$15,000 per minute!!. 3. In 1976,Steve Jobs started a company with his colleagues Steve Woznaik and Ronald Wayne. They named company as APPLEas they were hugh beatles fans!. 4. When company developed iPhone 4s,there were rumours that it meant I PHONE 4 STEVE!!.. He provided the world with technology that now has become a source to survive. Steve did his all work with full dedication without revealing that,he was DYSLEXIC! 5. Mark Zuckerberg,the founder and president of FACEBOOK was declared as the youngest billionaire of the world recently..During his college time,AUL and MICROSOFT tried to hire him when he discovered SYNAPSE.. 6. SYNAPSE was the first computer program that uses artificial intelligence to learn users musiclearning habitsWhy facebook pages mainly contains blue colour??!!!...... 7. Mark Zuckerberg can see only blue colour clearly and distinctly since,hes COLOUR BLIND! 8. Dr.Larry Farewell discovered this interesting brain fingerprinting technique! 9. It is a scientific method to bring out truth,identify the criminals and bring justice to the innocent people through measuring electric brain signals EEG-based brain computer interface allows and individual to directly communicate to the brain and a speech synthesizer to understand electric brain signals 10. Pranav Mistry-a computer science graduate student from NIT and Master Of Design from industrial design centre IITMUMBAI. He invented the technology called SIXTH SENSE. 11. Device SIXTH SENSE is worn like a pendent.It superimposes digital information on the real worldTwo cables connect in L.E.D. projector and webcam to a web enabled mobile phone 12. Drawing @ symbol,we can check emails!! Technique requires the use of coloured marks to understand the hand gestures. With the help of this technique,one can automatically recognize the object and retrieve information. 13. Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought. </p>