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  • 1. Features of2 deliveryEvgeniy Glazov, POSTMAN

2. The bad news is thatmodern people havetasted the quality offirst-class services, suchas McDonalds, FederalExpress. And now, theirneeds have grown sothat it is necessary tooffer at least not worse.Trade Mission Special for in Ukraine 3. quicklyaverage pricepredictable qualityclean WCTrade Mission Special for in Ukraine 4. alas to raise quality to minimize costs Is it possible to make a delivery service with justhundredths of 1% undelivered parcels, with financialguarantees of up in-time delivery and other additionalservices for customers? Yes. But the price will be in few times higher the currentone. Trade Mission Special for in Ukraine 5. Customers expectations from delivery Operatively In a convenient place Safe and sound For a minimum price With a simple return procedureTrade Mission Special for in Ukraine 6. Main customer complaints to the courierservice:1. Delivery did not take placeseriously hurt. Faults occur in any case. ThisLost orders, the operator use wrong address,should be taken for granted it is necessary tothere was no available goods at the stock.teach the couriers to solve the problems byWhatever the reason, the customer has not themselves.received their order. 4. Courier doesnt know the city2. The courier did not arrive at the appointedWhen the courier calls and specifies address 1 ortime2 times, this is normal. Unfortunately there areNobody likes to wait. The client, who was forcedsituations when the address is not found evento wait an extra hour the next time he spends onafter six rings. The ability to find address is a basicthe search for another shop. It is clear that it is skill required from courier.necessary to plan the route and schedule of 5. The general attitude of the courier to workdelivery. But if cant avoid being late - warnLet me remind, the courier is the face of yourabout it as soon as possible. business. If hes untidy, irritable and unable to3. Reluctance to solve "controversial" issues communicate with people, all these qualitiesThere are situations when in the order is missedclient will transfer to the whole shop.some detail, it is in the wrong color," or simplyhas small defect. If the courier is not ready tobring the missing stuff, replace the product ormake a discount - reputation of shop will beTrade Mission Special for in Ukraine 7. 2 ways in-houselogisticdepartment outside courierservice or outsourcing Trade Mission Special for in Ukraine 8. Own delivery service OUTSOURCING Flexibility an opportunity of promptWithin the scope of standardBUSINESS PROCESStransformation according to marketservice packagechangesHigh costs on creation Permanent cost due to agreedFINANCE and permanent maintain tariffs ATTITUDE TO THE ENDOpportunity to rank customers (and the All consumers are similarCONSUMERattitude to them) by type / levelDifficulties in selecting, constant control, Minimal risk (the correct choice of HUMAN FACTORthe risk of theft, ... the contractor)Regulated by additional (often Planned and controlled underPEAK PERIODSincreased because of emergency the agreed tariffs situations) costs Risks absenteeism and not in-timeGUARANTEE OF DELIVERY contractors responsibilitydeliveryRefund the theft or loss of theFINANCIAL GUARANTEEAt their own expensegoods (financial responsibility of contractor under the contract) CASH RECEIPT FROM Every day From 1 up to 5 daysCUSTOMERS 9. At what stage is beneficial to outsourcelogistics?1. There are more than 1 order for delivery to another region2. There is no possibility / desire / time to attract investments inthe logistics business. Information: min for delivery across Ukraine should be: 26 warehouses branches specialized soft and equipment 50 cars storage facilities and equipment recruitment of experienced managers (hunting) more than 350 trained employeesTrade Mission Special for in Ukraine 10. Types of courier delivery & business processesExpress delivery (1-2 3 daysNext dayTo a day 2 hours)Available goods atnot necessarily not necessarily preferablyobligatorily the stockAvailable freenot necessarily not necessarily preferablyobligatorily courier Qualification ofweakweakaveragehighdispatcher Cash discipline CC costs above normalabove normal ordinarybelow normal Price for delivery extra lowlowaveragehigh Trade Mission Special for in Ukraine 11. Reliable contractor, who is he? Quality of delivery Quality of clientserviceList ofprovidedservices Trade Mission Special for in Ukraine 12. Reliable contractor, who is he? percent deliverability first time (a good indicator from 93%) the overall percentage of deliverability (good indicator : from 97%) Quality of percentage of cancellations / transfers delivery caused by the contractor(a good indicator: up to 1%) companys response to complaintsTrade Mission Special for in Ukraine 13. Reliable contractor, who is he? The method of application for the delivery(Excel, XML, by integration API, My Account) Response time for incoming requests Method of receiving requests (phone, e-mail)Quality Speed of providing delivery reportof client Availability of e-mail and SMS notifications to servicechange the status of delivery and / or otherimportant events for the store Terms of return of goods and money Time and days of receiving goods fromcustomersTrade Mission Special for in Ukraine 14. Reliable contractor, who is he? The possibility of a partial return, fitting,return of documents The possibility of taking orders from thesuppliers stock and / or shop Secure storage Cash on deliveryList of Cash serviceprovided ... servicesTrade Mission Special for in Ukraine 15. Contractors selection Dont put all your eggs in one basket! Trade Mission Special for in Ukraine 16. Outsourcing?!++++ ---- reduce the dependence ofyour business from one contractor more org. Questions and allow you to compare the administration / coordination quality of work and to redistributevolumes may increase the final cost ofdelivery give access to a widegeography and "range" of services Trade Mission Special for in Ukraine 17. NB the price of servicesHidden payments : charge for the return of goods charge for returns storage charge for taking orders from the client commission for accepting funds payment in case of cancellation of delivery separate fee for extra services (labeling, kitting, SMS alerts, ...)Trade Mission Special for in Ukraine 18. NB points of self-delivery 20-25% of consumers are willing to pick up an order on their own to pay less, but: rate of return using the self-delivery points higher than standard delivery. if the goods are not paid in advance and it is not delivered to the door, the buyer rarely makes an effort to pick up the order himself. Trade Mission Special for in Ukraine 19. NB delivery to regionsWhen you send the goods to the regions withoutprepayment of 20 to 50% of the orders may comeback.And the more expensive the product, the greater thepercentage of refusal. Reasons: as the buyer waitedgoods, money has been already spent; he changedhis mind to buy, bought in the own city, friendsadvised not to buy this model, etc.Trade Mission Special for in Ukraine 20. "Own" Logistics: stumbling blocksCourier is not that kind of profession where people go forself-realization, but for the purpose of feed themselves.Software. You can ignore this issue, but only when youhave ten deliveries a day ...The structure of the delivery service should be always witha margin of safety, should minimize Couriers negotiationswith customers (delivery service should be limited to adiscussion of the nuances of delivery and not to discussdetails of the sale itself or the object of the sale).Trade Mission Special for in Ukraine 21. "Own" Logistics: stumbling blocksReserve for development - all business processes shouldbe designed initially with the possibility of scalingTrade Mission Special for in Ukraine 22. Prospects of delivery market Annual market growth of 30 - 50% Increased competition The introduction of technology Creation and improving quality standards Cost optimization Improving the quality of Trade Mission Special for in Ukraine 23. Questions? Evgeniy Glazov director POSTMAN (PGK Groupe)+38 067 517 60 30eglazov@postman.uawww.postman.ua Trade Mission Special for in Ukraine