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  • Everything You Need to Know About Local Search

    Kevin GibbonsManaging DirectorBlueGlass


  • "Think globally, act locally"

    -- Paul McCartney

  • How Would I Optimise Content For Local Searches?

  • Have a Local Digital Strategy to Target Across the Full Buying Cycle


  • Complete Your Profile in Full - Opening 6 Quality Images

    Ensure you have: 6+ high quality photos 1 high res logo Address & accurate map location Phone number Opening Hours


  • Use Google Map Maker to Add Locations & Change Local Info


  • Get People Talking About You Locally to Build Local Trust & Authority


  • Photography is Huge in Local - Hire a Great Photographer & Geo-Tag Your Images

  • Upload Photos & Allow People to Use Publicly with Image Link Credits

  • Use Local Business Schemas & Rich Snippet Reviews

    Understand the local schemas you can use:

    Local Business Schema Rich Snippet Reviews Google Schemas

  • Find Historic/Uncommon Local Knowledge to Create Unique Online Content

    Dig deep - visit your local library to find historic information that isnt published online and no-one else knows!

  • Make Sure Youre Mobile Friendly - 56% of Mobile Searches Have Local Intent!


  • Search Results Are Becoming More Targeted to Your Location - Localise Your Content

  • Run Local Advertising Campaigns to Send Geo Brand Signals to Google

  • Connect with Local Bloggers & Influencers

  • Promote Using Locally Targeted Paid Search & Social Campaigns


  • Research Local Data to Give it a Newsworthy/PR Angle

    We developed an Interactive Most Romantic Cities Guide to generate online coverage for WeLoveDates from Mashable, The Independent, AskMen, Huffington Post and more.

  • Build Citations - Links from Local Domains & Mentions of Business Online

  • For Multi-Locations - Submit Individual Landing Pages to Google My Business

  • Volume of Reviews is Huge Ranking Factor - Find Ways to Incentivise


  • Nearest Location is Important - You Dont Want to Travel 25 Miles for Pizza

  • Create Better Local Content Than Anyone Else on the Web

  • Get to Know Power Reviewers as a Business, Be on Their Radar

  • Understand Google Local Search Hubs


  • Finally - Put Your Customers First, Reputation is Everything

  • Always build for the bigger picture!

    "Think globally, act locally"-- Paul McCartney

  • Kevin GibbonsManaging DirectorBlueGlass


    Thanks for Listening!


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