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  • Everything You Need to Know About

  • The History of the CatThe first catlike animal appeared 35 million years agoWas called the Proailurus 10 15 million years ago a descendant of Proailurus, called Pseudailurus roamed in Eurasia From Pseudailurus, cats diversified and spreadCats were amongst the most successful of mammals in colonizing the earthOnly Australia and Antarctica dont have native cats

  • A Cats Importance Throughout History InEGYPTIn about 1500 BC, a Pharaoh had a huge supply of grainThe Pharaoh announces that all cats are demigodsNew status of cats made sure that they were worshipped and pamperedWhen a cat died there was a period of mourning The cat would be mummifiedIn an elaborate ceremony it was buried in wooden or bronze casket in a cat cemetery

  • A Cats Importance Throughout History InSea VoyagesSailors needed to protect grain and food supplies from mice and ratsThey began to take cats with them on voyagesDomestic cats were then introduced to Asia and EuropeAs exploration and trade grew the cat spread around the New World

  • A Cats Importance Throughout History InEuropeIn 14th century England cats were believed to symbolize evil and were thought to be associated with witchcraft and devilry Hundreds of thousands of cats were burnedAs cat population decreased rat population grewCats value in control of rodents was discovered againThe cat popularity returned

  • A Cats Importance Throughout History InAsiaCats are highly respected in AsiaIn some regions cats were used in temples to protect manuscriptsThey helped guard silkworm cocoonsIn Siam (present-day Thailand) cats could only be owned by royalty

  • A Cats Skeleton

    Skull 7. Mandible 13. Sternum 19. TarsalsCervical vertebrae 8. Hyoid 14. Phalanges 20. Caudal VertebraeScapula 9. Humerus 15. MetacarpalsThoracic vertebrae 10. Carpals 16. RibsPelvic bone 11. Phalanges 17. XiphoidFemur 12. Ulna 18. Ribs

  • Simple Cat BiologyTeeth15 teeth on each side of the midline of an adult cats skull Teeth include: three upper and three lower incisors, one upper and one lower canine, three upper and two lower premolars, and one upper and one lower molar

  • Simple Cat Biology (Continued)TailThe cats tail shows its mood Tail seems to also be used for balanceThe tail may also help heavier, larger cats like the cheetah keep balance

  • What I LearnedThough I knew some basic things about cats, I wanted to learn even more, because I love cats I learned the history of the cat and how it came to beI learned the anatomy and biology of the cat and how it can keep its balance

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