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an introduction


<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>PRINT-VENDO MACHINEAgang, Aldren CabaseChing, ChrysanderDe Ramos, Dave RoycethonKo, Vincent JonesOcampo, CharleneOrillos, Cholo Jason</p> <p>1PRODUCT INTRODUCTION</p> <p>Printer Vendo Machine3 WHATs-What does it do?-What is it?-What is it made up of?2</p> <p>REASONS WHY YOU NEED IT-Time &amp; Energy Efficient-Cheaper than alternatives-Offers a sense of independence-ADD MORE HERE4THE SERVICES IT PROVIDES-Choice of paper size-Choice of paper type-Presence of a suggestion box-Choice of quantity-ADD MORE HERE5PROBLEMS VS SOLUTIONS-Long line of students and staff-More machines-Paper Jam-Daily maintenance check-First time user-Instructions printed on the side-Other problems-Customer service for inquiry6-Eco-friendly (auto standby)REASONS WHY ITS DIFFERENT-Audience Analysis (by the people for the people)-Encourages technological advances and innovation-ADD MORE7Things that the product incorporates:CONCLUSION-Efficiency-Options/Choice-Affordability-Safety of the environment-Technology-Acceptance of new ideas----------END----------8</p>