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  1. 1. Everything That you need To Know About The New The Lone-Star State's Vehicle Registration Sticker
  2. 2. The vehicle registration sticker renewal process was modernized in twenty-fourteen.
  3. 3. This new driving law affects every State of Texas driver.
  4. 4. Now there will only be one sticker on our windshield for both the state safety inspection and the vehicle registration.
  5. 5. Here's how it operates.
  6. 6. How Is The Vehicle Registration Sticker Process Different From Before
  7. 7. Vehicle registration renewal is the same as always.
  8. 8. The only change is that the vehicles inspection must be current before they will permit you to renew your vehicle registration.
  9. 9. If your inspection is in-date, you can go through the vehicle registration process as usual.
  10. 10. The sticker that you're issued is then used to replace both the state inspection and automobile registration stickers.
  11. 11. Your next State of Texas inspection is not due again until just before your next vehicle registration renewal, so you might possibly be able to save a few bucks.
  12. 12. My State of Texas Inspection Will be Due The Same Month/Prior to The Vehicle Registration Sticker Renewal
  13. 13. If you vehicle registration renewal is due the same time as your safety inspection, inspect the vehicle first.
  14. 14. When the inspection information has been placed online with the state database, you may then get the vehicle registration renewal sticker and use it to replace your safety inspection and vehicle registration stickers.
  15. 15. If inspection is due before, it is simply a little more complicated.
  16. 16. When it is due, have the car or truck inspected.
  17. 17. You will not get a sticker, so save the report inside your glove compartment.
  18. 18. In the event of a traffic stop, you will need that documentation to show the police officer.
  19. 19. As soon as your vehicle registration is due, register your car or truck as normal and use the sticker to replace both of the previous ones.
  20. 20. The following year, you will need to get your car or truck inspected and into the state's databases within three months prior to renewing your vehicle registration.
  21. 21. Is there somewhere I am able to go for more info?
  22. 22. The State of Texas has set up a site to help answer all of your queries about the brand new vehicle registration system.
  23. 23. http://twostepsonesticker.
  24. 24. com/.
  25. 25. It may be hard to believe, but the new vehicle registration sticker renewal system will make the process easier for everyone.


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