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2. It was due in part to Elmo. 3. No, No, Elmo, the Document Camera! 4. 5. 6. Social Interaction/Diplomacy In Kindergarten, we practice the 3 R's; Respect, Responsibilty, and Ready to Learn. How great is it to catch the students doing what we work so hard at developing and thats being kind to one another. With a quick flip the document cam provides for quick glances throughout the classroom. Nobody is better to demonstrate than the students.Yes! 7.

  • We use the Elmo throughout our reading lessons.
  • The students become the teachers in this lesson identifying words with the initial sound of Fifi Fish or the letter F.
  • Upon arrival every morning the students copy their daily phonics practice. Not only do we use the sentence for readingbut for blending onset and rhyming as well.
  • The Document Cam also makes it easy to transition from the LCD on the laptop for UnitedStreaming back to blackline masters with the click of a button.

8. Small Grouping is one thing but throw in the document camera and its a whole new world. And yes, she got it! 9. In this case, two young ladies modeled the use of the microscope in order to show the class a strand of hair. The students played a game trying to figure out which strand of hair was real and which strand was synthetic. wig Microscope View 10. The Five Senses We touch with our We hear with our We taste with our We smell with our We see with our Students will match pictures in order to identify the senses to which they belong. Took some maneuvering but stills taken and edited using Image mate software. 11. 12. 13. Kindergarten: A S.T.E.P. in the Right Direction!