everything i know about decentralization, i learned from anim©

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Presente at Gikii 2014


  • 1. Everything I know aboutdecentralization, I learnedfrom animAndres Guadamuz

2. Doing this since 2006 (and nosign of stopping) 3. Decentralization? 4. It all began with stories aboutbeing trapped in virtualworlds 5. .hack//SIGN 6. Sword Art Online 7. NerveGear 8. The plot Evil game designer createsvirtual world Sword ArtOnline, and traps players. Ifplayer dies online, they diein real life. Players mustclear 100 levels collectively. 9. New world comes online 10. But our heroine is stilltrapped 11. Evil is defeated 12. Regulators shut down allexisting virtual worlds 13. But 14. Users meet IRL to share theSeed 15. Seed is open source, minimalversion of SAO, it spreads 16. Anyone can create their ownvirtual world, and migrateavatars! 17. Concluding 18. Enjoy the conference@technollama