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Taking the Gospel to Every Home


  • OCTOBER 2015

    www.EHC.org HE COUNTED THE COSTGambia

    THAT NEXT STEPNepalHaiti


    Timeless Message. Timely Method.


    of the Gambia

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    Dick Eastman

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    Haitip. 4

    C O N T E N T S

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    Every Home for ChristP. O. Box 64000Colorado Springs, CO 80962 1-800-423-5054www.EHC.orginfo@EHC.org

    Search for us online: everyhomeintlEveryHome Magazine is a publication of Every Home for Christ.

    VISION: Every Home for Christ exists to serve the Church to reach every home on earth with the Gospel.

    Cover photo: Haiti

    Two young girls greet our Every Home for Christ workers.


    Jules Joseph

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    How great is the Lord! How much we should praise him. (Psalm 48:1, TLB)

    round 500 B.C., Greek philosopher Heraclitus made one of the most accurate statements of all time: Change is the only

    constant in life. If that was unwelcome news back in his day, imagine if he and his peers could have a glimpse of todays world. We are living in what is referred to as the information age. According to recent reports, the sum-total of human knowledge doubles every two to three years and is soon expected to double every year. Our medical knowledge doubles every seven years, scientific information every five years, technical knowledge every three years, and online information every six months.

    Yet in the midst of our rapidly changing world, one thing that hasnt changed is Every Home for Christs dedication to the Great Commission. This month we celebrate 69 years of ministry, and I am thrilled to say we are still on a steady course toward our goal of reaching every home on Earth with the Gospel. Our strategy remains simple, yet effective: Everybody lives somewhere, so we take the Gospel to them in the non-threatening atmosphere of their homes.

    The results have been remarkable. More than 1.7 billion households have received the Good News400 million in the last five years alone. Our indigenous pioneer missionaries reach an average of 250,000 homes a day, and in the past five years more than 70 million people have responded to the Gospel. Currently were seeing as many as 45,000 new seekers respond to our home-to-home campaigns every day! As they respond, these new believers and seekers are integrated with local church partners or guided into one of our 271,000 Christ Group fellowships for follow-up biblical discipleship.

    As you can see, we have reason to celebrateGod has been so faithful to this ministry! In the pages that follow youll see how our foundational pillars of prayer (page 4), home-to-home evangelism (page 10) and follow-up discipleship of new believers (page 8) are not only transforming individual lives, theyre impacting families and entire communities.

    Though many things have changed since 1946, the mission of Every Home for Christ has not. And as long as Jesus tarries, well be delivering the Gospel throughout the worldone home at a time.



    To stream the School of Prayer on October 10, 2015 or for archive videos of any of Dicks teachings, visit www.ehc.org/school-of-prayer.

  • Two Every Home for Christ workers spreading the Gospel in a tent city in Haiti


  • 5www.EHC.org

    hat Every Home for Christ does over 16 million times a year seems impossible.

    Followers of Jesus encounter people they have never met to share their stories. They share that they were lost and without hope until the love of Jesus changed everything. At the end of these long and vulnerable conversations, the people hearing the truth about God want to repent and change. They want to follow Jesus, and their lives are impacted for eternity.

    This is a miracle we never take for granted.But its only human to wonder how this is

    possible. How can a whole life be transformed after one conversation? The truth isit usually isnt. The work begins long before with prayer


    By Rob Stennett

    H A I T I


    for that encounter, and it continues long after with discipleship. Every outreach is prayed for locally with home meetings and prayer walks by the pastors and pioneer missionaries involved. And it is prayed for internationally at the Every Home for Christ headquarters as the staff prays together for teams around the world, and prayer meetings for global initiatives are held day and night in The Jericho Center.

    These prayers are focused on three primary requests: For God to send more laborers to the lost, for God to open the minds and hearts of the people hearing about the Gospel and for God to protect the Every Home for Christ workers risking their lives to fulfill the Great Commission.

    A practical way prayer and outreach work together is seen in the current mission in Haiti. Prayers from our Every Home for Christ brothers and sisters are very important to us, says Pastor Jules Joseph, National Director of Every Home for Christ Haiti. We see how they can open up opportunities and how they can break down barriers and remove obstacles.

    The obstacles and barriers Pastor Joseph faces every day are countless. Haiti is still recovering from the devastating earthquake that killed 230,000 and displaced 1.5 million people in 2010. Five years later, reminders of that catastrophic event are everywhere. Half-destroyed buildings line the streets of Port-au-Prince. Local Haitians live in considerably worse

    conditions than they did before. People are hurt, tired and often hostile to those who come to share the Gospel.

    Every day, Pastor Joseph sees firsthand the difficulties the people of his country face. Often, the only form of spirituality comes from tribal rituals, voodoo and a distorted form of Catholicism. He longs for the spiritually broken in his country to be restored and made whole. We believed God would do something, he says. We prayed to God and asked for Him to change the hearts and minds of those hearing the Word.

    Pastor Joseph was praying in the way Scripture teaches us to pray. In Matthew 6, Jesus teaches us to pray

    in the Sermon on the Mount, and He ends His prayer with, May your kingdom come and your will be done. Paul also shows us how to pray in Ephesians 3 when he prays that others would grasp how high and wide and deep is the love of the Lord.

    These kinds of prayers have been the foundation of the Church since it began.

    And they still work today.God answered the prayers, Pastor Joseph says.

    People in our area were reached with the Gospel. In Every Home for Christ Haitis latest outreach, 354 people devoted their lives to Jesusand the work done in their heats began before the pioneer missionaries ever spoke a word.

    Pastor Joseph could feel the prayers from others around the world. So many people around the world are praying for the work we are doing, he says. It


    People are hurt, tired and often hostile to those who come to share the Gospel.

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  • 7www.EHC.org

    OCTOBER 2015

    means spiritual progress for the Every Home for Christ ministry in Haiti.

    These prayers inspired him to lead a concentrated national effort called The Harvest Prayer Mobilization Project. Pastor Joseph has already begun to meet with local pastors and church leaders to give them the vision of the project. I am asking them to mobilize believers to learn how to pray for God to open doors, he says. We are praying for more workers to mobilize the harvest.

    As people begin to follow Jesus, we are inviting them to pray for others.

    The Every Home for Christ strategy is unfolding in a practical and profoundly impacting way in Haiti. Prayers are opening doors to a country that has been spiritually oppressed and closed off to the Gospel. Hearts and minds are being changed before the door-to-door outreaches even begin. And the pioneer missionaries are being protected in the dangerous Haitian landscape.

    As our Every Home for Christ workers are traveling, trying to reach people for Christ, they are exposed to dangers, Pastor Joseph says. These prayers mean protection and deliverance for those trying to reach every home for Christ. He has seen Gods protection for the faithful who step out to share the Gospel. They feel protected and encouraged because so many are praying for their efforts. It feels like they are not alone but part of a greater family. The project is beginning now, and it will continue through next year.

    There is still a lot of work to do. But its incredible to hear the story about how prayer is changing a nation. Someday, maybe in this life or the next, the people in Haiti will meet the others who prayed for them. What will that moment be like? What will their faces show as they hear about the hundreds or even thousands who were praying for their souls? Hopefully they will feel comforted and cared for because so many prayed that they would know how high and wide and deep Gods love is for them.

    Thats in the future, and we have no idea what those conversations will be like. But we do know that Gods kingdom is coming in Haiti nowone prayer at a time.

    1 The capital building in Port-au