every thing about chickenpox

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Every thing about chickenpox Johny , Felipe, Felix ,Monica

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Every thing about chickenpox. Johny , Felipe, Felix ,Monica. What are chickenpox?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Every thing about chickenpox

Every thing about chickenpoxJohny , Felipe, Felix ,Monica

What are chickenpox?Have you ever had chickenpox? Chickenpox is a kind of virus. Chickenpox could last 7 to 10 days or more. If you have chickenpox, you are contaminated and you have a virus to make yourself feel better, stay home and eat soup. Chickenpox might stay for quit a long time in your body so dont get worried. Make sure you wash your hands to avoid getting the chickenpox virus.

How does chickenpox spread?Do you now how chickenpox spreads? Chickenpox is contagious; meaning someone who has it can easily spread it to someone else. Someone who has chickenpox is contagious during the first 2 to 5 days of being sick. Usually after1 or 2 days a rash shows up. Be careful! You can spread chickenpox those first days without knowing it. This is how you get chickenpox.

What can you do to make yourself feel better when you have chickenpox?Have you ever had the chickenpox? There are many ways to feel better. Trim your fingernails, so if you scratch, you wont tear your skin. Keep cool, because heat and sweat will make you itch more. Add some calamine lotion that soothes itching. Adding some oatmeal to your bath water can help relieve the itching. These are facts to feel better if you have the chickenpox.

What happens when you have chickenpoxIf youre not feeling well in a few days you could get the chicken pox many thing happen in your body. In 1to 2 days a rash starts to begin as looking like a blister. The rash gets all over your body. Some people get the rash from head to toe. In 10 to 14 days the rash will be gone. No you know what chicken pox is if you get it.

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