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<ul><li> 1. 1. The form has savedvaluesfromthe earlierfilledform.Theseshouldbe made blank 2. On the registrationpage,we shouldinclude detailslike,name of the course,date andtime of the course the personisabout to register 3. The check availabilitybutton isenabledevenif the phone numberisnotenteredproperly, and an error isshownthoughitis notclickable </li></ul> <p> 2. 4. If I choose starttime afterthe endtime,itis gettingaccepted 5. It isverydifficulttosearchfora currency.It shouldbe inalphabetical order,orshouldbe searchable. 6. Price setto 50 can notbe seeninthe appside 7. Some of the eventsare notseen(event3) 8. Eventhoughthe price is changedinthe settingside,anditgetsdisplayedinthe appside, whenI openthe settingside again,the value isshowntothe earliervalue. 9. The heightisincreasingfornoreason 10. WhenI change the branch,all the eventsheightgetsincreased. 11. In the screenshotabove,the price isshownasonlya numberinsome events,andwith$in some otherevents. 3. 12. Evenif the currencyisnot USD, $ isshown 13. If the paypal merchantdetailsare notprovided,we are showingthe messagelikebelow. Thiswill be showntothe enduser.I thinkwe shouldchange thismessage to online paymentcan notbe completedsince the paypal accountisnotconfiguredbythe appuser. </p>